Vital Aging - or the illusion of forever young?

 "Rivers and mountains don't age" states an old Chinese proverb. Lanserhof, one of the leading centres for health in Europe, have created a healthy and serene perspective of the aging process we all have to inevitably face in life. There, in contrast to the wave of anti-aging beliefs, treatments, and products we encounter, Vital Aging is what's being talked about. Nowadays, life should not be about trying to repel the inevitable aging process, but rather maintaining the highest and most enduring quality of life for oneself. Consequently, Lanserhof have put their comprehensive range of proven diagnostics and therapies - which is based on the revolutionary Lans Med Concept - to good use for this very reason.

Despite the greatest endeavours of the beauty industry, medical science and research, the aging process can only be at the most slowed down nowadays, and not of course, prevented. With the new concept of Vital Aging, one of the leading centres for health Europe, Lanserhof near Innsbruck, Austria, have created a new outlook to the aging process.

Whether a person is healthy, full of energy, satisfied and has a balanced life does not primarily depend on the age of a person. What is of importance however is not one's actual age, but rather one's biological age. The biologically younger a person is, the higher one's quality of life in this age will also be. Lanserhof have set themselves the goal of mobilising each and every one of their guests in order to maximise their full potential in every phase of their lives.

Building upon years of experience, Lanserhof's team of experts developed the Vital Aging programme. It is the sum of all the parts of the holistic Lans Med Concept and comprises, amongst others, the activation of one's energetic and physical resources, improvement of organ reserves and organ regeneration, concentration, and subsequently an increase in physical and mental power.

The Vital Aging programme helps guests to achieve more energy and vitality in their lives.

Those who make the choice for enduring health and vitality in addition to unleashing their potential and activate their resources are taking the necessary steps on the upward spiral of life. In stark contrast, those who continuously try to combat chronic complaints by only battling symptoms, are unfortunately only heading downwards on that slippery spiral of life.

A series of additional new diagnostic procedures enable guests at Lanserhof to define their individual status of health. Together with a Lanserhof doctor, short-term and medium-term goals and suitable therapies are developed. We subsequently assist the guest in attaining and living his or her biological age instead their calendar age.

To achieve this, the medical staff at Lanserhof employ all available options in the 'healing chain': targeted body therapies, energetic therapies, skin therapies, mental coaching, Detox (a pleasurable form of regeneration), Energy Cuisine and gentle exercise and movement. This is all carried out amidst a inspiring natural environment and cultural landscape.