The healthy man of vitality

Lanserhof presents its model of 'male healthcare of the future' for the first time

They came to us at the age of 40, now they are 65. A yearly visit to Lanserhof has been a regular date in their calendars for 25 years now to replenish vitality, energy and motivation as well as generating new ideas to take home with them. Many top managers and businessmen use Europe’s leading centre for health and regeneration as a retreat and a place to recharge their batteries. It is unsurprising that our team of experts here at Lanserhof have the most experience in the field of modern 'male medicine'.

Men have increasingly become the central focus of interest in medicine. It appears that society hasn’t allowed men the 'time' or 'permission' to be ill. In accordance with the traditional role of gender, the topic of ‘health’ has always been associated with women. Whilst women have always concerned themselves with their appearance, well-being and vitality, even today, many men consider their body as a machine which must simply function. As a rule, they live more unhealthily and undisciplined, rarely go to the doctor, and, in contrast to women, suppress the signals they receive from their own bodies. Most men only first seek help from health experts when it comes to serious physical or mental problems.

Life balance for the man of today

The fact that a drop in the levels of performance, excessive personal and professional demands in addition to meaningless and psycho-emotional pressures has caught up with the ‘stronger’ sex in recent years, is something new in the history of men. As a result, men have to first learn to cope with this new development. In the search for a balance between work, family and self-discovery, the modern man sees himself confronted with this more than ever nowadays.

Accordingly, the challenges which life present are quite different through the various phases of our lives: The 30 to 40 year old struggles with compatibility between family and work life. The 40 to 50 year old, candidates for the classic mid-life crisis, ask themselves was that it? and and seeks meaning in his or her life, whilst the 50 to 60 year old is winding down towards the end of their professional life and concerns himself with the question of how they age healthily and with dignity. In every age group and stage of development, it is necessary to always develop one’s own awareness and to repeatedly create a balance between the various fields of life. Only this will ultimately lead you to the success of a fulfilled, healthy and happy life as well as self-realisation.

Reappraisal of values bring health into focus

Following losses at the stock exchange, bad balances in business and the economic crisis, many men have been prompted to alter their point of view and reassess their values. Increasingly, men are now concentrating on the really important things in life. Accordingly, this also includes availing of quality first-class healthcare for one self.

At Lanserhof, we have consciously devoted ourselves in recent years to the topic of ‘male healthcare of the future’ and specifically focused our research and applications in innovative vital medicine directly at the modern man. Whilst medical healthcare for men has long since been aimed at repairing damage to one’s health, and many male-related illnesses have been treated in isolation, the medical team at Lanserhof have been pursuing a entirely holistic approach for many years now. This model of vital healthcare for men provides an analysis of physical factors equally as much as detailed consideration of mental and emotional pressure and stress factors. The health goals for men have to be newly defined nowadays. It is a matter of detecting and resolving blockages, activating sources of energy and if necessary, a change in lifestyle with the aim of achieving more quality of life, zest for life, in addition to increased emotional, physical, sexual well-being and vitality.

This holistic model of vitality healthcare for men - as it is practiced at Lanserhof - provides an analysis of physical factors equally as much as detailed consideration of mental and emotional pressure and stress factors.

The modules for this holistic body-mind vitality medicine are a blood analysis, whereby metabolism and inflammation parameters, tumour markers and the status of hormones can be ascertained. In addition, the biological age of the guest can be also determined here. The next step of the process is a 24-hour heart rate variability measurement, the results of which show regulation and balance values, individual energy and stress levels, quality of sleep and also possible cardiac arrhythmias. For men, we also conduct an obligatory prostate check by means of a sonographic examination, which is carried out by internationally renowned top radiologists at the University Clinic for Urology in Innsbruck.

New: psychoneuroimmunology

New at Lanserhof is significant scientific area especially for men - psychoneuroimmunology. Today, it can be proven that acute and chronic physical problems can affect the functions of the body’s immune system and can manifest themselves into illness. Stress means inflammation in the context of psychoneuroimmunology and therefore also increased aging, as well-being can be equated with a reduction in inflammation and consequently vital aging. The latest, pooled knowledge from psychoneuroimmunological research is being implemented into diagnostics and therapy at Lanserhof. For the first time, a so-called well-being check is being conducted, whereby a broad spectrum of inflammation markers are determined on one hand, and psychological well-being is objectified on the other. The aim of this is to achieve a long-term increase and stabilisation of psychological well-being where, amongst other things, one learns to understand dysfunctional relationship patterns. "If we can combine the current status of psychoneuroimmunological research into one common denominator, this would mean that social relationships are the elixir of life" states Professor Christian Schubert.

What else is important in male healthcare of the future?

Another important component of healthcare for men is movement training including exact analyses and support from a personal trainer. It would not be Lanserhof if dietary and nutritional advice did not play an integral role in our concept. You will gain comprehensive and individualized nutritional advice in addition to recommendations for nutritional supplements which facilitate vitality. The aim here is to achieve a change in lifestyle which enables you to live a fulfilling and healthy life.

The basis for our male healthcare of the future is our successful Lans Med Concept. In contrast to conventional medicine, this concept places achievable levels of health and vitality, and not illness, at the core of the endeavours of our medical and therapist teams. Our Lans Med doctors accompany our guests from the entire phase of diagnostics through to the therapy phase and coordinate the results of diagnostics from top external radiologists, andrologists and mental coaches with the various accomplishments in inter-linked therapies and sports-science. For us at Lanserhof, male specific healthcare is more important than ever!