Life coaching activates the resources and energy potential of guests

With its holistic Lans Med Concept, Lanserhof offers the health conscious guest a comprehensive system of successful forms of diagnosis and therapy. In order to more effectively activate the individual potential for power and resources within us, our centre for health developed a new regeneration programme which combines first-class medicine and current findings in psychology. Through the new Life Coaching programme, problems can be identified and mental blockages can be resolved, so that the guest can attain a positive attitude towards life – a fundamental prerequisite for enduring health. 

People who regularly take a timeout to detoxify and regenerate also come to terms with themselves in the context of emotional health. Our new Life Coaching programme offers the guest a differential array of appropriate methods with which they can sustainably resolve existing psychological blockages and promote their own potential in life. This programme sets itself apart from conventional types of ‘coaching’ through the symbiosis of scientific first-class medicine and the latest findings from the field of psychology. This Life Coaching programme employs the regeneration principle as a basis for reflection and reorientation. Newly gained knowledge of one’s own personality, of definitive patterns of thought and behaviour should be integrated into everyday life in a sustainable way. This new coaching concept is available to Lanserhof guests in the form of both event-driven/event-orientated mental coachings as well as comprehensive business life coachings.

Character building

Our health experts, therapists and mental coaches at Lanserhof work in close cooperation with each other in accordance with this networked approach. Our Life Coaching programme consists of analysis, unblocking, transformation, and self-management. Firstly, in one-to-one coachings, personality structures and behavioural patterns are identified and presented to guests, blockages are identified and goals and aims are newly defined. What about your own autonomy? Is the perception of autonomy real or are deficits compensated for through addiction to work, excessive thoughts of success and status, or physical problems?

In further individual sessions, suitable options in order to unblock problems are discussed and developed together with the guest. How can mental and psychic health be improved? Which resources provide energy and power? To what extent are these resources already integrated into one’s own living environment?

In numerous meetings with therapists, it has been determined that most people particularly have a problem in finding a balance between the various facets of their lives. These problems subsequently manifest themselves as rituals in everyday life. It is imperative to reconfigure restructure, and reorganise these rituals. In the ‘transformation’ phase, old values are replaced with new and rituals are newly developed. In the final phase of this Life Coaching programme, the goal is self-management, where our guests integrate new thought and behaviour patterns into their everyday lives. Self-management and self-healing are learnable methods. In Life Coaching, the idea is to examine internalized conceptions, create an awareness within the guest, and establish a balance in life.