Lanserhof relies on the latest findings in energy medicine

With its holistic Lans Med Concept, Lanserhof – one of the leading centres for health in Europe specialising in regeneration and preventive medicine – provide the health conscious guest highly efficient diagnostic and therapy options. Accordingly, Lanserhof also rely on the latest findings in energy medicine. Many people have problems relating to their health, but have no clearly visible or recognisable signs or symptoms indicating illness of any kind. This is where the doctors at Lanserhof come into their own and subsequently achieve outstanding success in energy medicine, all within the framework of our Lans Med Concept. Energy medicine is based on a combination of traditional healing methods and knowledge gained in modern health science. This earmarks the beginning of an intriguing paradigm shift in the field of health care.

Five thousand years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) had already recognised that energetic processes are of fundamental importance to our life. In ‘qi’, the bio-energy, Chinese Medicine sees the source of human health and vitality. Also, many other cultures recognised the importance of this ethereal, invisible energy, known as ‘prana’ in India, or later in the 19th century as ‘The Odic (or Od) force’. However for centuries, the ideas of ‘healing energy’ were considered to be contradictory to conventional medicine.

With modern diagnostic methods, bio-energies within and around the human body can be measured for the first time. Energy medicine has established itself as a new academic field and heralds the beginning of a new era in modern health science.

Energy medicine sees life processes as a unit of body, spirit and soul, embedded in a network of energy throughout the body. This bio-energy network is a highly sensitive system, which reacts autonomously to selective stimuli in order to enable self-healing processes.

Lack of energy, illness, and psychological stress factors are an expression of deficiencies in the flow of energy. Often, a lack of energy is not treated for years, until the natural energy source of the organisms are exhausted and the energy deficiency finally manifests itself in the form of illness.

Energy in the LANS Med Concept

In order to fully maximise our guests’ energy potential and stimulate their self-healing powers, the doctors at Lanserhof employ diagnostics and therapies which appeal to ‘all the senses’.

With the assistance of modern bio-energetic diagnostics, dissonances in one’s energy field can be located and can be dispelled through intervention and regulation. Based on the Lans Med Concept, the doctors at Lanserhof achieve great success with energy medicine, particularly with people who suffer with illness but show no obviously recognisable symptoms

These ‚healthy ill people’ belong to a grey area in the population of our society, those who suffer from abnormalities of bio-energy and disorderly organ function. Classic mainstream medicine does not often bring about the desired success in healing these ailments.

„Our experiences with such guests have shown us time and time again, that their health and vitality can be fully restored through timely intervention with the assistance of bio-energetic methods,” says Lanserhof energy doctor, Dr. Roland G. Heber.