Energy Cuisine – Well-being and vitality from the power kitchen at Lanserhof

The latest Energy Cuisine book – Well-being and vitality from the energy kitchen at Lanserhof is evidence that health and culinary enjoyment do not have to be mutually exclusive. This is a form of nutrition for optimum maintenance of health, achievement potential, vitality and positive attitude.

Energy Cuisine is a nutrition concept with enduring success for the modern health conscious person - a concept that gives you vitality, makes you slim, improves well-being and is nonetheless a culinary delight, not to mention promoting enjoyment of cooking and eating. 

This nutritional diet consisting of food of the highest quality, optimum digestibility and maximum taste is the most simple and pleasant way to absorb energy. Energy Cuisine contains all the know-how of modern food research whilst all the experience of global food philosophy was incorporated into it during its development. Energy Cuisine provides the body with a large diversity of antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements in addition to a number of minerals and for of the digestive system. Preparation of our individual dishes is carried out using the most modern cooking techniques. We also place great emphasis on the use of regional, organic and fresh produce in accordance with our most important principle of maintaining the highest amount of vital substances in the food.

Innovative and future-orientated, Energy Cuisine is continuously adapted to societal and demographic changes in order to provide light and yet easily prepared food for the modern man or woman.

Our modern achievement-orientated society demands power, vitality and fitness from us. However, a bad diet and stress frequently leads to the exact opposite of this.

In response to the reality of this fact, and after many years of research work, Energy Cuisine was developed as a part of the Lans Med Concept at the Lanserhof Centre for Health in Austria.

With this energy rich and easily digested cuisine, the same dietary and nutritional values are achieved nowadays as with existing forms of diets. Energy Cuisine leads you on the path to enduring success through this diet, as body fat is replaced with muscle substance and is therefore an interesting alternative to traditional forms of diet. Energy Cuisine detoxifies and cleanses the body, and also helps to activate the self-healing powers we possess.

Biophotonic foodstuffs

Particular emphasis is placed on the selection of the right energetic foodstuffs. Many foodstuffs, such as wheat and milk for example, are nowadays intensely altered as a result of production and preservation methods, and accordingly, are no longer tolerated by our immune system

Energy Cuisine, on the contrary, works on the principle that all the energy we absorb in our bodies comes from the sun. Foodstuffs have the ability to store biophotons - light energy in other words. Through the food chain, we absorb invisible energy from the sun into our bodies, where they are stored in the cells and subsequently have a positive influence on cell renewal, self-healing processes, and the breakdown of fatty substances etc. Through light energy, we recharge our ‘internal battery’, as it were.

Due to this fact, only sun-ripened ingredients that have been freshly and carefully prepared are used in Energy Cuisine. For example, fruit and vegetables which have been organically and seasonally produced. What is frowned upon in contrast, are meals which have been prepared in the microwave or deep frozen, for example. Biophotonic meat also means the use of meat from every free range animal which has been appropriately reared outdoors. Cows for example, that graze in the pastures in summer and absorb the natural energy of the sun produce milk which is therefore full of nutrients.

Energy Cuisine is about creating an awareness and intentionally living according to the rhythm of nature again, and not against it. Energy Cuisine relates first of all to our ‘inner clock’ and the daily rhythm of our organs. Scientific experiments have shown that our stomach’s digestive system works most efficiently in the morning hours between 7am and 9am, whilst a mere twelve hours later it is virtually not in operation at all.

The latest Energy Cuisine book – Well-being and vitality from the energy kitchen at Lanserhof

This book is available in book shops (ISBN 978-3-7066-2483-1) and it will guide you with Energy Cuisine through the day, from breakfast to dinner. As both a cook book and nutrition guide in one, it will provide you with valuable information and tips on healthy eating in addition to delicious recipes which can be easily recreated at home. Enhanced by wonderful images, the 77 recipes contained in this book impress with their variety and creativity.