Architecture for the soul

“Beauty as a precursor to the truth” - the insight of many philosophers (Erasmus of Rotterdam, for example) and a question that asks us whether the dishonesty of our time and the hatred in our world are not two sides of the same coin.

In his book entitled Man’s Eight Deadly Sins, Konrad Lorenz describes the combination of aesthetic decline and ethical insensitivity.

Beauty is of great importance for our daily well-being and our moral values, and when the world loses its beauty, the world loses its soul.

Accordingly, we at Lanserhof have always endeavoured to always take this into account in recent years.  Along with our professional competence in regenerative and preventative medicine, it is above all our architecture which refreshingly sets us apart from the many other recently established health centres.

With the expansion and large-scale renovation of our entire medical-therapy area and the derma-therapy area, a further developmental step has been accomplished at Lanserhof – innovative and visionary. Here, everything is different to other usually less tasteful luxury hotels. Harmony, naturalness, simplicity, clarity, beauty and authenticity are what the modern person desires.

Our rooms evoke a feeling of liberation like the coming of springtime after a long winter – an awakening from the obsolete. Our cliché-free architecture and design correspond to attitudes towards life nowadays and the positive energy which is elicited here. Sensual and emotional, our design should stimulate our guests to feel like they have reached a new level - to find oneself.

Forget about time and space…

Our concept of open rooms and insular design creates three axes of light, which enable natural light to shine into the innermost part of the therapy area – an opening to the soul.  The individual areas of Lanserhof are delicately designed – a foyer with a welcome desk and a waiting area don’t allow confinement and provide space to breath freely.

The various areas of Lanserhof flow boundlessly into each other, giving a fresh and bright impression. There is no exaggerated hipness but only bounteousness that grows from spatial thinking.

A translucent wall portraying the pleasant landscape of the Northern chain of mountains separates the massage rooms and medical rooms from the reception area. In this way, nature is drawn into the room. The harmonization of interior and exterior – enter the room through the illusion of the Northern Chain see them in reality in front of you.

Cubic installations and objects complement our rooms; nothing positioned or placed in a room hinders the flow of energy. The furniture is mostly integrated into the walls and was designed specifically for Lanserhof.

The Kneipp area with Bisazza mosaic stones is built around the Kniepp bath and forms the water area.  The various tones of blue stimulate the palette of colours from the spectrum of space and water. Variations of mosaics in each pool room should incite a pleasant mood. Both Shiatsu rooms correspond to ritual rooms with a virtual healing and mythical atmosphere. Here, nutwood was used to represent a connectedness to the earth. Additionally, our lobby is a threshold to a changed perception, a changed awareness.

The floors in every individual area are seamless epoxy surfaces which connect every room as far as the Kniepp area and are a solution to the static floor coverings used up to now.  Walls, floors and ceilings form a flowing continuum. The pure, minimalist language of forms of our design is consciously selected and brings about tranquility and order in an overstimulated world.