Architecture as therapy

At Lanserhof a medical ‘mission control’ guides our guests to a healthy life.

Transparency, harmonious forms, natural materials, pleasant colour creations, seamless floors and attention to every detail. This kind of architecture opens up heart and soul, allows us to feel our inner sensibilities and brings a smile to our faces. Focused on the „medicine of the future“ at Lanserhof, the architect Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven from Dusseldorf in Germany designed a 1,500 square meter futuristic medical, therapy and beauty centre that surprises and fascinates with its intelligence, originality and consistency.

More than 3,000 guests come to Lanserhof every year and stay on average for 12 days.

Stressed managers, business owners and self-employed people amongst others come to us looking for relaxation and regeneration. Therefore, our architecture must receive these people beautifully and elegantly. The design of our centre for medicine and therapy, in which Lanserhof invested four million euros, is primarily influenced by an underlying endeavour for the aesthetic. Gentle, with rounded corners, soft colours, forms and materials. In this intelligent world of relaxation and revitalisation, this architecture is designed to liberate people from the pressures of daily life. It lifts them into a feeling of utopia and creates mental space for free-thought, whilst arousing curiosity about the future.

This change of scenery should in turn inspire development and a change of lifestyle, and is an element of the LANS Med Concept. This concept has ensured that Lanserhof have remained a leading place in Europe for regenerative and preventative medicine for three decades. The architecture at Lanserhof addresses the individual in their entirety in a future-oriented way and creates space for further development and a change of one’s own personality. A period of regeneration at Lanserhof is an exciting and sensual journey to oneself and releases energies more effectively and quicker than ever.

To facilitate this new form of regeneration, Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven developed an extraordinarily formal equivalent – an architectural design characterised by minimalism.  

Minimalism, tranquillity and order

People in need of therapy require sanctuary, tranquility and a strengthening emotional ‘cocoon’, a ‘third skin’, if you will. At our new centre for medicine and health, it is the perfectly designed function and clarity of the rooms that follow the rules of authenticity and provide our guests here with orientation and assurance.  The foyer of the therapy area is something of a ‘mission control’, where an atmosphere of openness and intelligence is prevalent. Nonetheless, this futuristic ‘cocoon’ also conveys a sense of security, warmth and informality. The harmony of our rooms and their minimalist furnishing bring about a balance to the inner emotions and thereby enable relaxation and rejuvenation.  These rooms neither represent nor manipulate - these rooms facilitate healing. In this respect, the inner architecture at Lanserhof is a part of our concept of therapy - architecture that creates an environment designed to elicit positive feelings.

Particular significance is granted to light in this world of well-being and energy. Light never flows directly, is never crude or disturbing.  A purposely designed communication room is the stage for ‘coincidental’ encounters between guests. And a fifty meter long, transparency of the Northern Chain of mountains integrates nature as a preferred reality. Then, as you pass through the door of the ‘Northern Chain’ into the treatment room, you will experience the actual panoramic view of the Alps for real. Contemporary, light and airy, transparent relaxation rooms with large windows make this spectacular view an immediate experience for our guests.

This cliché-free architecture and new design provide a renewed awareness of life and create positive energy.