A leader in Europe with the Lans Med Concept

The Lanserhof Centre for Health in Lans near Innsbruck, Austria is the leading centre for regeneration and preventive medicine in Europe. With its Lans Med Concept, Lanserhof is leading the way for the medicine of the future. This holistic health concept unites internationally renowned state of the art medicine with traditional healing methods and offers health-conscious guests a responsive system of successful forms of diagnostics and treatments to ensure long-term health.

Through years of research and development, the team at Lanserhof have developed a health concept that is future-oriented and globally unique: the Lans Med Concept is an intelligent symbiosis of state of the art modern medicine, natural healing, recognised therapy processes, the most modern scientific know-how and the relaxing ambience of a luxury hotel. This careful combination enables guests to regenerate physically and spiritually and rid themselves of unnecessary burdens and stress. This is a concept which has been proven to be highly effective. Today, Lanserhof is Europe‘s leading centre for regeneration and preventive medicine.

In recognition of its outstanding achievements, this year Lanserhof once again received the ‘Best Health Centre in Austria’ award for the eighth consecutive time. The renowned Relax Guide - the most important Austrian wellness and health guide - awarded Lanserhof a perfect score of four lilies. Also this year, Lanserhof was awarded 1st prize in the category ‘Best Medical Resort’ for the fourth time in succession at the European Health & Spa Awards in Zell am See, Austria.

The central focus of the revolutionary Lans Med Concept, which was originally based on the work of the Austrian physician and pioneer F.X. Mayr, is detoxification, cleansing and de-acidification of the body. This is due to the fact that only a detoxified body is capable of regeneration and subsequently has the ability to respond to various relevant treatments.

An overworked digestive system, for example, weakens the immune system and leads to a lack of energy and depression. As the intestines not only rid the body of toxic metabolic products, it is also home to 70 percent of the immune system and helps in the production of serotonin, essential for a sense of well-being. Through this state of the art detoxification medicine, the body, mind and spirit are given the chance to activate their self-healing powers.

Health care and regeneration have never been more important than they are today, and only those who are healthy feel mentally and emotionally fit.

With the Lans Med Concept, Lanserhof has taken a further step into the research of the future. Scientific research is focused particularly on the intercellular substance, the so-called matrix, which also plays an important role in the cleansing process.

As a result, regeneration leads to excellent results. It is namely through this matrix that all nutrients and oxygen must travel on their way from the blood capillaries to the cells. If the matrix is burdened by impurities or over-acidified, this exchange does not work properly.

The actual challenge lies in finding the ideal combination for each individual guest, the right mix of individual therapy and treatment options. Individual treatment is of the utmost importance in the Lans Med Concept.

Only through personal coaching is it possible to achieve sustainable success, which our guests can feel from day to day at home, and repeat it.

Success through holistic medicine

The Lans Med Concept combines modern cleansing, prevention and regeneration medicine, detoxification therapies and treatments, innovative body and exercise therapies, Body-Sphere, modern sleep medicine, sleep psychology, relaxation, stress management, education, and a beauty programme founded in research which goes far beyond cosmetic treatments: Med-Beauty. Lans Med also includes additional services such as Well Yes, well-being, relaxing, and United Med, a combination comprising modern Western medicine, natural healing and natural science psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, hormone balance, osteopathy and immune regulation.

Also available for guests is a sleep lab with the most modern mobile sleep lab equipment and 24-hour blood pressure monitoring in an exclusive hotel ambience, allowing Lanserhof to offer comprehensive sleep diagnostics for a healthy and harmonious night‘s rest.

Last but not least, a well-balanced and effective nutrition programme plays an integral part of this holistic health concept. That is why the experts at Lanserhof have developed a modern diet concept, Energy Cuisine – a modern form and philosophy of nutrition for optimum maintenance of health, performance potential, vitality and positive attitude. This energy-rich and easily digestible cuisine, which is prepared daily with the utmost care by the Lanserhof team of chefs, combines health and enjoyment of food.

Innovative and future-orientated, it is continuously adapted to societal and demographic changes in order to provide a maximum of vital substances and is yet light and easily prepared for the modern man or woman. Energy Cuisine takes into account the latest findings from nutritional science while at the same time places great emphasis on the use of regional, organic products and also careful preparation of food.