Ein Ort der Ruhe und der Energie
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Self understanding

Prevention and regeneration are the keys to future-orientated medicine.

Based on this philosophy, we have developed a refined system of diagnostic and therapeutic methods - the LANS Med Concept - which is today regarded as one of the most successful methods of prevention and regeneration. This concept is consistent with the aim of enduring recovery and revitalization.

The LANS Med Concept is a holistic health concept free from mental barriers, as the focal point of our concept is the human being and his or her individual character. The human being in their entirety. Every person has a different definition of what it means to be healthy. Is it the absence of complaints? Is simply ‘functioning’ on a day to day basis a sufficient gauge of your health? Are you living with symptoms and pain related to illness?

Our individual relationship to our own health is a complex one: it remains a valuable commodity, perhaps the most valuable commodity of all. If you want to optimally avail of the abundance and variety of life and grow accordingly, you must understand your own well-being and that of our fellow human beings as a result of the interaction of diverse internal and external factors.