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Yoga Retreat Lanserhof Tegernsee

In 2017 guests at Lanserhof again have the opportunity to experience a completely different approach to yoga.

In this exclusive retreat led by renowned yoga master Julien Balmer, you will experience daily exercises in traditional Hatha- and Kundalini-Yoga.

Hatha-Yoga, the one branch of yoga that is by far the most widely practiced today, is suitable for almost all human beings. It's a very complete system that aims at a multidimensional development in the practitioner. On a physical level it will give you a very healthy, vital, resilient, strong body. But the practice doesn't stop there. It will also give you greater emotional balance and allow you to develop your latent mental potential. Ultimately, Hatha-Yoga, like all other forms of traditional yoga, will also allow you to explore and experience higher and altered states of consciousness.

The courses take place in small groups and the retreat will include an interesting framework programme. The course is hosted by Julien Balmer - photographer and life artist teaching Yoga all over the world. An accomplished cross country skier in his youth, Julien startet to travel the outer and inner world in 2002. He then met Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, a renowned Yogi, by whom he was initiated into the practice and secrets of Hatha and Kundalini-Yoga.

Our Yoga Retreat will take place from Sunday, 9 until Sunday, 16 July 2017 (last Yoga session on Saturday evening)


 Our Yoga Retreat Package includes*:


Daily yoga session in the morning 

120 mins. 

Daily yoga session in the afternoon (except on Wednesday)

120 mins. 

1 initial medical examination                             

40 mins.

1 interim medical examination incl. stomach treatment


1 final medical examination and consultation

30 mins.

1 foot reflexology treatment

25 mins.

2 muscular deep tissue massages

50 mins. 

1 detox body pack and bath                  

50 mins.

1 bioimpedance analysis


1 urine analysis


Price: 5.200, - EUR per person in a double room with single occupation.

* As individual as our guests are their needs. As always, you are welcome to discuss a personalised diagnosis and treatment with your physician.