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Training for your cells - lying down

The human body consists of approximately 80 trillion cells - each of them has about 1,500 to 4,000 mitochondria - the so-called "power plants" of our cells. It provides the energy for all functions and metabolic processes of the body.

However, the natural aging process of humans as well the stressful lifestyle we lead nowadays, lack of exercise, insufficient sleep, etc. impair the ability of the body to effectively produce energy, leaving the cells undersupplied. The results are performance losses and chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, burnout, immune deficiency, rheumatism.


Improved power generation by simulating high-altitude training

For a long time top athletes have benefited from the advantages of high-altitude training to increase their performance. These benefits also apply to intermittent oxygen training, or IHHT Intermittent Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy® (IHHT).

The gentle, non-invasive procedure of IHHT has no side effects. The user relaxes on a couch while a breathing mask withdraws (hypoxia) or supplies oxygen (hypoxia) from and to the body at individually adjustable intervals - a process that promotes cell regeneration. The short, controlled, oxygen-deficient phases are important, since the supply of air with fluctuating oxygen content causes stress for the cells. The targeted damaged mitochondria cannot cope with this stress and are destroyed. This results in a brief energy shortage lasting a few days, which in turn gives the impulse for the formation of new, powerful mitochondria.

This leads to a measurable and noticeable optimisation of cellular energy production.