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In our Lanserhof Tegernsee team.


Frau Dr. Benedetto-Reisch - one of the most prominent modern Mayr Medicine doctors - and our team of doctors and therapists only have one goal in mind; your well-being and health. Medical consultation and support at the highest level will accompany you in achieving your personal health objectives.

Get to know us


Christian Harisch - Managing Director/CEO


Christian Harisch has been a Managing Director and proprietor of Lanserhof for over fifteen years in conjunction with his partners Anton Pletzer and Stefan Rutter. In addition to his activities as a lawyer and estate entrepreneur, he has been intensively engaged with the further development and expansion of Lanserhof in recent years.

With its LANS Med Concept, the Lanserhof brand is a pioneer for the medicine of the future and is already a leader in regeneration medicine and prevention medicine today. This holistic health concept combines the highest medical quality with traditional naturopathy and provides the health aware guest with a sensitive system of successful forms of diagnostics and therapies in order to stay enduringly healthy.


Hotel Management

Eva-Maria Hasenauer
General Manager

Torsten Kiener


Christian Bertram


Dr. Jan Stritzke
Deputy Medical Director
Internal Medicine & Cardiology


Dr. Darius Chovghi
General Practitioner


Dr. Cornelia Huber
Naturopathy, Mesotherapy, Acupunture


Dr. Mathias Greiner
Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine, Sports Medicine, Manual Medicine, Acupuncture


Dr. Christiane May-Ropers
Physical & Rehabilitative Medicine, Naturopathy


Anke Slapke
Head of Therapy


Beatrix Deisenrieder-Brandt
Head of Dermatherapy


Isabella Piegger
Head of Guest Assistance


Ferdinand Bader
Movement Coordinator


Nicole Heidinger
Nutrition Consultant