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LANS Med Basic

At Lanserhof Tegernsee, you can choose between various programmes which support you on the path to achieving your personal goal for health. They are the basis for a treatment plan that is orientated to your individual needs and sustainably strengthens your vitality, your body’s defences and performance ability.  

Creation of an individual health plan


1 initial medical examination

40 mins.

2 medical checks with abdominal treatment

20 mins. each

1 final medical examination and consultation

30 mins.

1 foot reflex-zone or head massage

25 mins.

2 deep muscular massages

50 mins. each

1 detox massage

50 mins.

1 detox body pack and bath

50 mins.

1 bio-impedance analysis


1 urine analysis


Daily group movement therapy sessions
Daily group relaxation training
Introductory informative medical presentation
Informative presentations held by doctors
Other topic-based presentations
On-call doctor and night medical service


1 week LANS Med Basic - exclusive of accommodation                EUR 1,410.–

For medical reasons, a minimum stay of two weeks is required for the meaningful and long-term success of regeneration.

2 weeks LANS Med Basic - exclusive of accommodation              EUR 2,580.–