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7 Days of New Energy with Lanserhof Lans' Summer Special


In this fast-paced and digital era, it is not only our technical companions who quickly reach their limits. Our body and mind also need to replenish the fast-diminishing energy so we can function properly again. Our Summer Energy Special not only provides your spirits with new power, it also helps you to lastingly improve your well-being. Enjoy seven energetic days and seven relaxing nights in which you will fully recharge your batteries.


Our Summer Energy Special 2015

1 initial and final medical examination


1 medical check-up with abdominal treatment


1 final medical examination and consultation


1 foot reflexology or head massage


2 muscular deep massages


1 private yoga session


1 detox drainage


1 detox pack with bath


1 electrolysis foot bath


1 bioimpedance analysis


1 urine analysis




7 days LANS Med Basic + 7 nights in a single room: 2,995.- EUR

Includes individually tailored dietary plan and a balanced activity program with Yoga,Thai Yoga, Qi Gong, TriloChi and respiratory training.

This package is valid from 7.6. bis 27.9.2015