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Burnout prevention


Repeated, distinct stress situations in professional, family and leisure time without adequate levels of resilience inevitably lead to chronic permanent stress with considerable consequences. All the body’s own regulations systems, such as the hormone axes, are constantly under maximum strain. In the case of sustained excessive demand of this kind, the only result is total physical and psychological exhaustion - burnout syndrome.  

At Lanserhof, our doctors treat the underlying causes of diverse symptoms using comprehensive concepts of diagnostics and therapy. These symptoms can range from psychological problems, sleep disturbances, metabolic problems and allergies right up to complaints of the musculoskeletal system and serious chronic illnesses. In cooperation with leading experts at Innsbruck University Hospital, we apply integrative diagnostic and therapy techniques using natural healing and modern conventional medicine methods. 

Chronomedicine, the doctrine of rhytmics and regularity is one of our basic principles for comprehensive regeneration. “Pause and search for substance in order to gain inner stability again” – an aim of our personal coaching and our concepts for optimization of lifestyle, which include a programme of nutrition and movement specifically designed for you.

Blockages of energy, stress, conflicts of interest or a lack of meaning in life lead to sudden decreases in performance and crisis of purpose. The Lans Med Concept offers professional help in this regard. It is our aim to provide you with the ability to work at the highest level without burning out. The primary factor for mental and physical health is the reflection and implementation of desires, aims and visions in everyday life. The power of resistance and resilience must be trained like a muscle. Considering the human being in his or her entirety without separation of mind and body is the basis for increasing resilience. 



2 Week RESTART Special 2014

1 24-hour heart rate variability measurement and consultation

2 mental coaching sessions

5 intravenous laser therapy sessions with reinvigorating infusion

4 energetic therapy sessions as required

This offer also includes all medical and therapeutic services from the LANS Med Basic programme (for 2 weeks) in addition to 13 nights accommodation (single room) and full board, as well as participation in group activities. 

Total price: 7,746.- EUR per person (single room)

We look forward to hearing from you and would be glad to advise you. For more information, simply call us at +43/(0)512/38666-461