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MEN / Check-up special

Focusing on the health requirements specific to men. The demands placed on what is assumed to be the ‘stronger’ sex are becoming ever more complex. So, it is no wonder that many men are finding it increasingly difficult to withstand the physical and mental stresses of their everyday lives.

Our health and vitality concept is optimally designed to cater for the health needs of men and is comprised on a holistic level – addressing the specific personality and individual physical condition of men.

1 prostate ultrasound examination


24-hour heart rate variability measurement and consultation


1 andrological consultation with a specialist doctor

   50 mins.

1 sports-science mobility check

   60 mins.

1 mini mental screening


1 medical examination                             

   40 mins.

2 medical checks with abdominal treatment

20 mins. each

1 final medical examination and consultation

   30 mins.

1 reflexology or head massage             

   25 mins.

2 muscular deep massages

50 mins. each

1 Detox drainage

   50 mins.

1 Detox body pack and bath                  

   50 mins.

bioimpedance analysis 


1 urine analysis


With 7 relaxing nights accommodation including board which is individually catered to your specific needs, participation in our activity programme, use of our Kneipp therapy, and group exercise and relaxation training.

Total price: 4,285.- EUR per person (single room)

Our guest’s needs are as individual as our guests themselves. Accordingly, you of course have the option to discuss your diagnosis and therapy individually with your consulting doctor.