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Active and fresh - our detox special

Detox - cleansing and detoxification - is our core area of expertise at Lanserhof and is the basis for all regenerative and preventative medicine. Based on the knowledge of modern Mayr Medicine and our many years of experience, the Detox treatments which were developed at Lanserhof have been integrated into our LANS MED Basic programme. 


Our guests are expertly guided by our medical staff in the process of self-cleansing of body and mind.  This process is additionally complemented by a corresponding dietary programme and is intensively supported by physical-therapeutic Detox measures. Along with cleansing of the kidneys, bladder, liver and intestines, this therapy is also concentrated on drainage through the intercellular tissues, lymph and skin with its innumerable nerve receptors and is receptive to all stimuli.

The Detox cleansing ritual enables the body to regenerate and to renew its self-healing powers.

7-day detox special 2014

7 days to activate your self-healing powers:

1 medical examination                             

   40 mins.

2 medical checks with abdominal treatment

20 mins. each

1 final medical examination and consultation

   30 mins.

1 reflexology or head massage             

   25 mins.

2 muscular deep massages

50 mins. each

1 Detox drainage

   50 mins.

1 Detox body pack and bath                  

   50 mins.

1 lymph drainage         

   50 mins.

1 Detox Deluxe drainage

   75 mins.

1 Detox cleansing

   50 mins.

1 Alkaline base bath

   20 mins.

bioimpedance analysis 


1 urine analysis


With 7 relaxing nights accommodation including board which is individually catered to your specific needs, participation in our activity programme, use of our Kneipp therapy, and group exercise and relaxation training.

Total price: 3.438,00 EUR per person (single room)

Our guest’s needs are as individual as our guests themselves. Accordingly, you of course have the option to discuss your diagnosis and therapy individually with your consulting doctor.