Give yourself the most valuable gift of all and discover how much more active, happier and productive your life can be. The most modern, holistic medicine, enduring regeneration and prevention – The multiple award-winning LANS Med Concept has been a benchmark for a healthy energetic life for over 30 years.


Step into your new life.

LANS Med Concept

At Lanserhof, we combine the latest findings in international top-class medicine with traditional healing methods. As our guest, you will benefit from a sensitive and comprehensive range of diagnostics based on Modern Mayr Medicine which are complemented by individual medical modules.

Our LANS Med Basic programme will form the basis of your stay at Lanserhof Tegernsee. In conjunction with your consulting physician, you will create an individual health plan that is orientated to your body and your personal goals. The Lans Med Basic programme is subsequently complemented by our medical modules. You can book all the services we offer on an individual basis and accordingly design your own personal programme in conjunction with your consulting physician.


LANS Med Basic

The LANS Med Basic programme consists of:

Creation of an individual health plan
1 initial medical examination, 40 mins.
2 check-ups with abdominal treatment, 20 mins. each
1 final medical examination, 30 mins.
1 reflexology or head massage, 25 mins.
2 deep muscular massages, 50 mins. each
1 Detox massage, 50 mins.
1 Detox body wrap, 50 mins.
1 bio-impedance analysis
1 urine analysis
1 electrolysis foot bath

Daily group Kneipp treatments and therapies, movement therapies and relaxation training, introductory medical lecture, additional topical presentations, on-call doctor, duty and night service


1 week LANS Med Basic excluding
accommodation EUR 1,630. – *

In order to achieve meaningful and enduring success in regeneration,
a minimum duration of stay two weeks is necessary, for medical reasons.

2 weeks LANS Med Basic excluding
accommodation EUR 2,988. – *


Depending on your individual tariff, the cost of all medical services can be submitted to your private health care provider for reimbursement.





The LANS Med Concept is as bespoke as you need it to be. That is why in addition to our LANS Med Basic programme, we also offer individual modules for specific areas.

  • Detox
  • Movement
  • Restart
  • Rebalance Body & Mind
  • Check Man/Woman 40+
  • Aesthetics (Face, Body Man, Body Woman)
  • Sports (Active, Active Regeneration)

Of course, you can book all the services individually, so that you can compile your own personal programme with your accompanying doctor.


LANS Derma Therapy


Dermatherapy leaves you with a glowing complexion and inner radiance, and has a powerful effect on both your presence and personal appearance. New awareness leads to new charisma, making you feel naturally attractive and self-confident.

As a result, we’ve devised an extensive programme of ultra-innovative skin treatments which combine medical cosmetics with pioneering techniques and processes. The programme was developed jointly by the Lanserhof skin therapists and leading international cosmetic laboratories.