In our Lanserhof Lans team.

We ensure the outstanding quality of our services through the personal commitment of our employees. They take enjoyment from being able to work in an independent environment on the one hand, whilst also seeing themselves as part of a dynamic team, on the other.


Get to know us.


Christian Harisch - Managing Director/CEO

Christian Harisch has been a Managing Director and proprietor of Lanserhof for over fifteen years in conjunction with his partners Anton Pletzer and Stefan Rutter. In addition to his activities as a lawyer and real estate agent, he has been intensively engaged with the further development and expansion of Lanserhof in recent years.

With its LANS Med Concept, the Lanserhof brand is a pioneer for the medicine of the future and is already a leader in regeneration medicine and prevention medicine today. This holistic health concept combines the highest medical quality with traditional naturopathy and provides the health aware guest with a sensitive system of successful forms of diagnostics and therapies in order to stay enduringly healthy.


Andrea Csics - General Manager

After completing commercial school in Innsbruck, Austria, the first years of her career as head secretary in a Tirolean haulage firm, a period of stay in Los Angeles, she then moved into the five-star hotel business.

Beginning as a management assistant at the Steigenberger Alpenkönig Hotel in Seefeld, Tirol and the Inselhotel Konstanz, she later gained international experience in the Montreux Palace Hotel and the Intercontinental in Geneva. In 1991, she was the deputy general manager there and then became the operations manager of the hotel in 2004.


Dr. Georg Kettenhuber - Medical Director at Lanserhof

Dr. Georg Kettenhuber is an F.X. Mayr doctor and general physician specialising in lymphology, nutrition and the Feldenkrais method. He was the medical director of the Health and Education Centre in Entasekera, Kenya, the Wittlinger Therapy Centre and the Dr. Vodder School in Walchsee, Austria. During his time as a medical director, he also worked worldwide in a teaching role in the field of manual lymph drainage.

Furthermore, Dr. Kettenhuber has completed various additional courses of further education in community health, parasitology, tropical medicine, dance therapy, the Feldenkrais method with Mia Segal, F.X. Mayr medicine, nutritional medicine and hospital hygiene.

If you know what you do, you can do what you want.
(Moshe Feldenkrais)



Dr. Katharina Sandtner

Deputy Medical Director, Doctor for general medicine, F.X. Mayr doctor, mesotherapy and orthomolecular medicine in training


Dr. med. univ. Katharina Sandtner is a doctor for general medicine. After graduating from the University of Innsbruck, she worked in a general practice for complementary medicine. She completed her three year period of education at the University Hospital in Innsbruck and at the general hospital in Hall in Tirol, Austria.

If you know when to let go there will be no danger of sinking.
(Lao Tzu)


Dr. Perpetua Walser

Doctor of internal medicine, Doctor of preventative medicine, F.X. Mayr doctor


Dr. Perpetua Walser has assisted the medical team at Lanserhof since 2010 as a doctor for internal medicine. She has brought her many years of experience in the fields of preventative medicine, naturopathy and nutrition to the team. She graduated in 1992 at the Albert Einstein University of Ulm, Germany as a doctor of medicine and was then a resident doctor for a number of years at the University Hospital of Heidelberg and Munich-Bogenhausen Hospital. She worked in the departments for internal medicine, rheumatology, immunology and cardiology during this time. After a three year period of maternity leave to raise two children, she then completed her specialist certification examination in internal medicine.

Subsequent to this, Dr. Walser worked at general medical-naturopathy practice in Munich, Germany and at Prevention First Munich, a centre for preventative medicine and health consultation.

At the same time, she completed a distance study course in business administration for medical practices at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in addition to a training in preventative medicine at the German Academy for Preventative Medicine and attained a diploma in acupuncture and a certificate for travel medicine.

Panta rhei.



Dr. Roland Fuschelberger

Doctor of internal medicine, F.X. Mayr doctor


Dr. Roland Fuschelberger graduated as a doctor of medicine from the University of Innsbruck in 1995 and then did his residency in internal medicine at Hall hospital in Tyrol, Austria. From 2004 to 2005 there, he was a unit head doctor in the field of cardiovascular functional diagnostics and in the emergency room. He intensified his knowledge in echocardiography at Hammersmith Hospital in London.

Dr. Fuschelberger is certified in diagnostics and therapy according to F. X. Mayr, as well as several complementary medicine qualifications including the European Acupuncture Certification according to Nogier/Bahr, Ear Acupuncture and Disturbance Field Diagnostics, Applied Kinesiology and Orthomolecular Medicine. He also acquired a diploma in emergency medicine as well as a diploma in Psycho-Oncology.

The best physicians are Dr. Food, Dr. Sports, Dr. Rest and Dr. Joy.


Dr. Caroline Falkensteiner

Doctor of general medicine, F.X. Mayr doctor, mesotherapy, medical aesthetics


Dr. Caroline Falkensteiner is a doctor of general medicine at Lanserhof.

In 2000, she graduated from the University of Innsbruck, Austria as a doctor of general medicine. She also completed a part of her education in medicine at the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany, and Southern Illinois University in the USA.

Subsequently, she practiced at the general hospitals in Lienz, Austria and Hall in Tirol, Austria. After successfully completing her board certification as a doctor of general medicine, she worked for numerous years as a general practitioner in a general medical practice, focussing on diverse areas of complementary.

Furthermore, she complemented her qualification with a diploma in emergency medicine, conventional medicine and complementary acupuncture from the Austrian chamber of Medicine (ÖAK).

Pause – Breathe – Find peace



Stefan Motter



Stefan places great emphasis on the optimal functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Muscular tension as well as back and joint pain are often caused by misalignment in the joints, muscular imbalances, insufficient blood supply or incorrect posture and movement habits.

There are various methods to improve this situation, such as manual mobilization, massage, cupping techniques and active exercise (stretching, stabilization and strength training). Once the root causes are corrected, the functionality of the musculoskeletal system can improve even in the case of long-term complaints. With the right kind of support, the human body is able to regenerate and to improve, regardless of the present circumstances.

Since his basic training as a physiotherapist in 1995, Stefan has completed a number of additional qualifications such as manual therapy, trigger point therapy, Pilates and muscular balance. In 1997, he joined the Lanserhof team as a physiotherapist. In addition, he has been teaching at the Academy for Physiotherapy in Hall since 2007 and successfully completed his master’s degree in Orthopedic Physiotherapy in 2012.

All living beings are subject to the process of change.


Maria Weingartner



Maria complements the Lanserhof team as a holistic physiotherapist and osteopath.

Her specialty is to discover and resolve blockages which keep the body from healing itself. Thus, she targets the root causes of physical symptoms. During her treatments she does not only focus on those parts of the body which show symptoms, but she teats the entire body with its multi-faceted aspects holistically (body, mind and soul).

Her personalized treatments include manual therapy and medical taping, but she also uses physical exercises and breathing techniques in order to keep the body mobile and stable and the newly resolved blockages from reappearing.

In addition to her education as a physiotherapist at the Regional Therapy Training Academy in Innsbruck, Austria, Maria also completed her training as an osteopath at the Germany Osteopathy Academy in Rohrdorf, Germany. From 2004 to 2012 she practiced her skills at the psychiatric ward of a clinic for alcohol and other addictions near Innsbruck, Austria. She has also worked as an instructor in a gymnastics club.

Treat your body well, so that your soul will want to live in it.


Nengah Ardika



Nengah was born in Bali and has lived in Austria since 1999.

In Bali, Nengah trained in traditional Bali massage with hot stone therapy. He subsequently completed his training to be a medical massage therapist in addition to training in traditional Nuad Thai and Thai Yoga in Innsbruck, Austria.

He then began working as a freelance massage therapist from 2008 onwards. Since May 2011, he has been applying his knowledge and experience at Lanserhof as a member of our team.

In every second of your life, you are forging your future.

Hannes Brandl



At Lanserhof, therapist Hannes offers you a functional form of physical therapy. The basis for this kind of treatment is rehabilitation and restoration. He helps to recognize and change everyday stress and work related imbalances in your system. The aim of this treatment is to create a dynamic balance of power between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Hannes achieves this with the assistance of enhanced yoga and Pilates exercises which moderately activate the core muscles of the body through simultaneous stability and flexibility of the torso. Body awareness is developed and subsequently newly experienced through movement rituals. He specializes in applying a tactile instruction method through touch-based therapy involving correction and gentle movement support.

Hannes has been employed as a massage therapist at Lanserhof since 1992. He has completed further trainings: NLP, neuromuscular therapy, courses at the German Osteopathy College, Pilates and Yoga. In addition Hannes successfully completed the trimestral education to become an academic breathing educator in 2012.

Treat your body well, and create a place where your soul will want to dwell.


Karin Eberhard-Terzer



Karin can rely on a multitude of methods in order to provide our guests with effective therapy and treatment: Sensual Detox body packs, Natural Detox body packs (hay, moor mud, gentian), therapeutic baths, inhalations, Röder therapy, Sensual Detox Massage, deep massage, trigger point therapy, foot and reflex zone massage, connective tissue massage and lymph drainage.

She graduated from an academy for athletes and is a certified trainer and ski instructor. Karin, who is also a mother to two sons, completed her training to become a medical massage therapist with distinction. In addition, Karin was also a member of the Austrian national swimming team. After eleven years of constant sporting activity, she has now devoted herself to her children and immensely enjoys her work as a trainer. Before Karin became a member of the Lanserhof therapy team in 2011, she was an assistant to an ENT doctor in addition to being employed at a physiotherapy clinic.

There is no-one who can do everything, just as there is no-one who can do nothing.

Brigitte Eisenbeutl



After a detailed analysis of current physical condition, Brigitte will attempt to sense and release blockages in the body. She will subsequently employ appropriate methods from Shiatsu, Dorn-Breuss massage (spinal and joint treatment), trigger point treatment, lymph drainage and connective tissue massage.

After training to become a medical massage therapist, Brigitte worked in a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice and continuously enhanced and expanded her knowledge in the areas of Shiatsu, cupping massage and trigger point massage. She additionally trained in the Dorn-Bruess massage method and is also a medical masseur. Brigitte has been a member of the Lanserhof team since 2009.

To be in harmony with oneself.


Leo Erhart



Leo is a specialist in craniosacral therapy and shiatsu. These treatments help to relieve tension in the bodily tissue, muscles and organs. As a result, the organs of the body can function in their proper rhythm once again. Traumas are resolved and everyday stress is managed. Leo attempts to reproduce the connection between body, mind and soul. In addition, he also endeavours to stimulate the self-healing powers of his patients.

Leo has worked as a massage therapist at Lanserhof since 1997, and has successfully completed comprehensive training in the fields of acupuncture massage, lymph drainage, sound healing therapy, reflexology massage, aquamotion therapy, vibrating pillow therapy with acupuncture massage (APM), ear reflexology therapy, healer hygiene, shiatsu and craniosacral therapy. Additionally, he is a qualified trainer in posture training for adults.

There is only one truth and this is in your heart, only in your heart.

Claudia Hofer



Claudia graduated from the Tourismusschule Salzburg (school for tourism) in Bramberg, Austria. After her graduation she worked as a hospitality manager for three years.

In 2009, Claudia decided to follow one of her dreams and start her training as a massage therapist. After successfully completing her training at the AZW in Innsbruck, Claudia immediately started applying her skills and gained valuable experience over a number of years.

In order to broaden her field of experience, Claudia also trained to become a Dorn-Breuss and Craniosacral therapist. In 2013, she joined the Lanserhof team as a detox and massage therapist.

Let your body and your soul heal one another.


Martina Kirchebner



Martina‘s work is holistic and functional. After an initial examination, she applies various massage techniques such as Marnitz, Dorn-Breuss, trigger point massage and many others. Due to her previous work in competitive sports, she has already gained an abundance of experience in the prevention and rehabilitation of functional disorders of the body.

Martina successfully completed her training to become a certified massage therapist and therapeutic bath specialist at the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany.

She has also completed the following further trainings: lymph drainage, massage according to Marnitz and Dorn-Bruess, trigger point massage, breath resonance massage, craniosacral therapy, and Kinesio taping. Martina is also a qualified sports physiotherapist. As part of her work at the Olympic training centre in Cologne-Bonn, she assisted the German national fencing team.

Pleasure is the best kind of diet.


Sabrina Kirchmair



After graduating from the skiing academy in Saalfelden, Austria, Sabrina became a certified ski instructor. Moreover, she received a diploma as a health and movement instructor and successfully finished her training as a massage therapist.

She also conducted gymnastics classes and was actively involved in health projects for children, teaching them about movement, nutrition and relaxation.

At Lanserhof, Sabrina complements our team as a structural therapist, with a special focus on trigger point therapy and acupuncture massage.

If you follow in somebody else’s footsteps, you won’t leave your own.

Alexander Kolerus



Alexander’s experience in craniosacral therapy is of great benefit to all our guests at Lanserhof who desire a balanced, milder form of therapy. This kind of therapy releases and relieves physical and emotional states of stress and blockages. It creates inner calmness, balance and well-being. Guests at Lanserhof who come to Alexander for treatment suffer mostly from permanent stress, burnout syndrome, sleep disorders and hypertension in addition to head, jaw, pelvis and spinal problems.

He trained to be a massage therapist and a classical masseur in 1984 at the Kurbad Althofen spa resort in Kärnten, Austria. There, he mainly treated patients with rheumatic problems. Since 1992, he has been a member of the Lanserhof team. After a number of diverse further training courses such as lymph drainage, sports physiotherapy, vibrating pillow therapy with acupuncture massage (APM) and ear reflexology therapy, sound healing therapy, neuromuscular therapy with trigger point treatment and aqua-motion therapy, he became a specialist in craniosacral therapy in 2004. Awareness development, spiritual healing and energy medicine are also some of his additional professional interests.

One only sees clearly with the heart.
(From The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupéry)


Sarah Koppmann



After graduating from the Glasfachschule (technical school) in Kramsach, Austria Sarah studied art history for four semesters at the University of Innsbruck.

Sarah used to work as a personal assistant for the non-profit organisation “Selbstbestimmtes Leben” (self-determined life), which kindled her interest in social work and health. She then decided to commence her training as a medical masseuse at the AZW Innsbruck and as a massage therapist at the Yoni Academy.

After a number of successful internships at various renowned health resorts in Tirol, she joined the Lanserhof Detox Team in 2013.

Do not focus on the obstacle ahead of you, but on how to overcome it.

Christine Kugler



Christine spent several years working at a travel agency and as a travel guide in Italy. In 2005 she decided to change her career path and enter the healthcare field.

Since then she has acquired a number of therapeutic skills. She earned a diploma as a health coach at the Vitalakademie in Vienna, trained as a Shiatsu therapist at the Hara Shiatsu Institute Tomas Nelissen and completed her training as a TCM therapist under Dr. Jie Zhang at the TCM Institut Austria.

At Lanserhof Christine primarily offers her services as a Shiatsu therapist.

Everything flows.


Nescha Lukic



Nescha successfully completed his studies to become a medical massage therapist in August 2007 after a two-year period of training. After this time, he worked for three years at an out-patient clinic for physical medicine. There, he acquired comprehensive knowledge in the fields of functional deep massage, manual stretching, foot reflexology and manual lymph drainage.

One of the focal points of his work lies in the treatment of professional and amateur sports persons. Based on this, he completed a course of further training in sports physiotherapy (DOSB).

Nescha’s holistic approach to his work and the application of various techniques allows him to provide an ideal blend of physical and energetic therapy, which in turn enables successful treatment on various levels.
He has been a member of the team at Lanserhof since 2010.

Don’t wait until you are already thirsty before digging a well.

Sandra Mayer



After graduating from a secondary school for fashion and clothing in Innsbruck, Sandra completed an additional training program in event management.

Sandra spent a number of years working in the hotel business where she placed great emphasis on providing outstanding customer service. This line of work lead to her growing interest in the healthcare sector, which she decided to pursue further by completing a training program as a massage therapist at the AZW in Innsbruck.

Sandra’s goal as a massage therapist is to combine the medical and health promoting aspects of her profession with a high degree of well-being and relaxation.

Sandra supports the Lanserhof team as a massage and detox therapist.

True happiness is not a coincidence but the result of our attitude towards life.


Cilli Metzler



After graduating from Sports High School in Dornbirn, Cilli earned a Bachelor‘s Degree in Health and Sports Sciences from the University of Innsbruck. In addition, she completed her training as a medical masseuse and massage therapist with distinction. Since her childhood, Cilli is a passionate soccer player and is currently playing in Austria’s major league for Wacker Innsbruck. She likes to share her enthusiasm for movement and sports with others and also works as a youth coach and as therapist for senior citizens.

Cilli joined the Lanserhof team in 2012 and offers the following treatments: detox massage, detox pack & bath, hay and mud packs, inhalation, nasal reflexology treatment, deep tissue massage, foot reflexology massage and lymphatic drainage massage.

Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it. (Mia Hamm)

Birgit Probst



Birgit is a trained massage and balneotherapist. Moreover, Birgit gained a number of additional qualifications, such as lymphatic drainage massage, connective tissue massage, foot reflexology massage and cupping. This enables her to make use of various different techniques in order to tailor her treatments to the individual needs of the guest. Birgit specializes in the head and neck area.

Birgit practices active listening in order to find an ideal solution for every guest’s individual needs.

Be serious about your work, but do not take yourself too seriously.


Stefan Salzburger



Stefan‘s areas of specialisation at Lanserhof are energetic treatments such as acupuncture and shiatsu in combination with osteopathic techniques such as craniosacral therapy. His training in Chinese Medicine with a specialisation in herbal medicine helps our guests at Lanserhof to find a balance for their body. Stefan‘s treatments are very strongly orientated to the principles of Chinese Medicine (pulse and tongue diagnostics) and help with conditions such as having lack of energy, sleeplessness and headaches. Stefan also conducts meridian stretching as part of our activities programme.

Stefan is a trained medical massage therapist who has also successfully completed further training in the areas of acupuncture massage, shiatsu, craniosacral therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with a specialisation in herbal medicine.

There is no way to happiness – happiness is the way.

Rebekka Saurwein



Rebekka graduated from the HBLA-West school in Innsbruck with a major in digital media. Her general interest in the topic of health and medicine lead her to complete a training as a massage therapist at the AZW in Innsbruck.

Rebekka has a holistic view on the human body and selects her therapeutic methods accordingly. She is always eager to improve her therapeutic skills in order to be able to give her patients exactly what they need. Therefore, regular further training in various different therapeutic methods is an essential part of her philosophy. In December 2013, Rebekka joined the Lanserhof team as a detox therapist.

Invest in your health today, or disease may bankrupt you tomorrow.


Silvia Saurwein



The basic principle of Silvia‘s functional treatment technique is in that the body is always viewed holistically. Based on a balanced pelvic static, she works on the entire body combining joint therapy treatments and manual techniques from other diverse forms of therapy (acupuncture massage, Marnitz treatments, connective tissue massage, techniques of osteopathy, reflexology, manual lymph drainage). In doing so, she carries out treatments directly at the point of pain and also reflectively.

These methods of treatment are particularly suitable for mobilisation as a result of orthopaedic illness or pain due to chronic and acute problems with joints, the spine, restricted movement and treatment before or after operations. A further area of specialisation for Silvia is lymph drainage for every possible type of decongestion in order to regenerate lymphatic flow.

After her initial training to become a medical massage therapist, Silvia undertook numerous further trainings in the following areas of therapy: acupuncture massage, lymph drainage, training in Marnitz methods, connective tissue massage and reflexology. As a result of a 10 year period working in conjunction with a general practitioner, she has acquired a comprehensive amount of knowledge and experience in patterns of disease.

Every day is a challenge for me to help other people with my hands. It is my luck to have the opportunity to do what I really like to do.

Christian Stöckl



In 2008, Christian successfully completed his MA in English and American Studies at the University of Graz. While working in tourism and as a translator, he developed an interest for sports and alternative forms of health care.

During a five month stay as a voluntary teacher in Kathmandu/Nepal he completed his Yoga Teacher Training Course. Apart from the classic yoga postures (Asanas), he also gained experience in yogic breathing techniques (Pranayama), meditation and yogic cleansing rituals (Shatkarma). To further improve his knowledge about health care and the human body, Christian successfully completed his training as a health coach at the Drumbl Akademie in Graz and as medical masseur at AZW in Innsbruck.

In autumn 2011, Christian joined the Lanserhof team as a yoga/meditation instructor, breath therapist and masseur.

The more you see the good in others, the more you will establish good in yourself.


Oliver Warenski



Oliver gained his certification as a qualified massage and hydro-therapist in 1999. Further qualifications enable him to offer a broad range of treatments such as Chinese meridian massage therapy, foot reflexology, Dorn-Breuss spinal therapy, connective tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Tibetan honey massage (or Russian cupping massage) and singing bowl therapy. He is very interested in different cultures and ways of life, as proven by his training as a master of ceremony of the sweat lodge ritual of the Lakota Indians.

The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.
(Charles Dubois)

Martina Weber



Martina graduated from High School in 2009. After her graduation she gained professional experience abroad during an internship in Great Britain. After a few years of working in administration, her fascination with British culture and lifestyle brought her back to the UK where she worked with an international company.

After returning to Tirol, Martina decided to embark on a new career path and started her training as a medical massage therapist. Her goal as a therapist is to find a personal and coherent therapy concept for every individual guest. She employs a holistic view of the human body and tries to find the root causes of any imbalance. Improving her therapeutic skills through further training and education (i.e. Dorn Breuss) is a necessity for her.

Martina supports the Lanserhof team as a massage and detox therapist.

Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness.

Andreas Wienerroither



Andreas works holistically, structurally and energetically to relieve the body of blockages of energy. At the root of tension, there is a blockage of energy. Andreas firstly relieves the tension and, in the sense of sustainability, also blockages of the meridian system. It is his opinion, that massage doesn't have to be in any way painful, as goals can be also achieved through gentle assertiveness.

Andreas is qualified in the following fields of therapy: certified massage therapist, lymph drainage, reflexology and connective tissue massage, segmental massage. Furthermore, he has also successfully completed training in ‘Tao of Healing’ with emphasis on balancing possible imbalances in one‘s system of energy.

Achieve your aims through gentle assertiveness.

Norbert Winkler



Norbert works holistically in an energetic and structured way. He combines energetically balanced and harmonious techniques from Chinese Medicine with massage and mobilisation techniques from various methods of therapy.

Norbert can draw from more than twenty years of experience in the field of therapy. His desire for practical work with people compelled him to change from studying medicine at the medical faculty of the University of Innsbruck in Austria to working as a care professional at the University Hospital in Innsbruck. Consequently, he trained and worked for seven years at the neurological clinic there. It was at this time that he also began to practice holistic methods of treatment and therapy, and subsequently completed further training in reflexology with Hanne Marquardt, amongst others.

He then undertook training to become a massage therapist and lymph drainage therapist in addition to completing further training in deep massage and mobilisation according to Dr. Marnitz. Furthermore, he also successfully completed training in energetic static treatment® with Klaus Radloff in Switzerland, which has since been a main focal point of his therapeutic work.

In 1993, Norbert founded his own health practice and undertook several courses of further training, including neural kinesiology and psychokinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt, amongst others. Working with biophysical measurement and therapy methods such as Prognos®, I-Health® and ProQuant® complement his work as an independent therapist.

Norbert Winkler began to work as a freelance therapist at Lanserhof in October 2007 and has been a full-time member of our team since February 2011.

Speak only when you are asked, but live so that they ask you.


Ken Berger

Movement therapist


Ken is a qualified sports scientist with a specialisation in prevention. He creates individually designed movement programmes which can be optimally integrated into our guest‘s daily lives. His training programme has an impact on many areas of the body: the cardiovascular system, the sensorimotor function, the musculoskeletal system and the metabolism, amongst others.

While he studied sports science at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, Ken worked as a fitness and movement trainer in renowned hotels and fitness studios. He also participated in the extensive “AMAS 2000“ study, which focused on verifying the health benefits of an alpine holiday. After completion of his studies and in combination with his work as a fitness trainer, Ken undertook numerous further training programmes such as pilates, Nordic walking and physiotherapy. He has been a member of the Lanserhof team since 2005.

The journey is the destination.

Beate Glet

Movement therapist


Beate is a trained and certified designer. From 1994 to 1997 she trained to become a Shiatsu therapist at the German association for Shiatsu. In addition, Beate successfully completed her training as a Yoga instructor with the German Yoga association and the European Yoga Union.

Beate has been conducting individual sessions as well as group lessons in Yoga for the last 10 years. Her main focus is on the therapeutic qualities of Yoga. Through further training in various different fields, she has been able to steadily improve her therapeutic skills: Yin Yoga with Sarah Powers, Meridian-Yoga with Daniel Orlansky, Qi Gong with Hans Georg Schön, Hormone Yoga with Dinah Rodrigues, Zen-Shiatsu and Meditation with Sonja Morisseau, Cantienica, Pilates, etc.

Yoga considers health as a complete immersion of body, mind and spirit into the abundance of life itself. Yoga is a state in which the frantic activity of the mind can come to a rest. The state of the body reflects the state of the mind. By stabilizing the deeper layers of our muscles, the body will be able to straighten up from within its own core. Thus, tension caused by inadequate posture disappears and creates more space and a heightened awareness for one’s own breathing. This newly liberated energy is then available for a holistic healing on all levels.

Once we learn to calm our minds and direct our energies, we have gained a powerful tool.


Ole Lipka

Movement therapist


Ole studied sports science at the German Sports University in Cologne, Germany and at the University of Innsbruck. His main focus during his studies was professional sports as well as exercise and general fitness. In 2011, Ole joined the Lanserhof team as a movement therapist.

In order to create individual training programmes for our guests, Ole uses modern diagnostic tools in combination with a traditional movement based approach. Endurance, muscular strength, coordination and flexibility are the cornerstones of a successful training programme.

Ole is an active endurance athlete himself and will be happy to answer any questions you might have about all aspects of endurance sports.

Step by step to success.


Magan Prieto

Movement therapist


Magan was born in the United States and earned her Masters Degree in Holistic Health Education at John F. Kennedy University. For a few years, Magan played for various European volleyball teams as a professional volleyball player. Following her career as a professional athlete, she started working as a health and fitness coach, specializing in cardio and strength training.

As a movement therapist at Lanserhof, Magan’s aim is to help our guests experience sports and exercise as a vital and enriching part of a healthy life.

The most important virtue of all is gratitude.


Maria Posluschny

Movement therapist


Maria studied sports science at the Universities of Vienna and Innsbruck. By now she has collected more than ten years of experience in the fields of fitness training, aerobics, dance and fascial fitness. She has recently completed her training as a yoga instructor in Nepal.

Maria’s passion for sports and movement, especially for dancing, has earned her 4 titles in the Austrian Cheerdance championships as well as a 10th place in the world championships in Tokio and a 4th place in the world championships in Helsinki.

According to her credo “Exercise should be fun”, Maria likes to design individual and personalized training sessions for our guests, based on her whole range of experience and expertise.

Laughter is a bodily exercise, precious to health. (Aristotle)


Edith Friede-Renner

Dermatherapy team director


As the head of the dermatherapy area at Lanserhof, Edith is responsible for the guidance and motivation of her team. In addition, Edith is the main contact person for appointments and she provides our guests with exemplary professional advice on all the medical-cosmetic options which Lanserhof has to offer.

After completion of her training to become a cosmetician, Edith worked in numerous five star hotels in Austria and after completing her certification in beauty care, she subsequently undertook management roles in the premium hotel business. Since 2004, she has been a derma-therapist at Lanserhof and is actively engaged in the constant further development of medical cosmetics within the framework of the proven LANS Med Concept.

Make your body feel well, and create a place where your soul will feel it right to dwell.

Simone Dea



In 1994, Simone successfully completed her training as a professional beautician at Lanserhof. In addition, she received further training in manual lymphatic drainage therapy as well as connective tissue massage at the Dr. Vodder Academy.

After seven years in Melbourne, Australia, Simone found her way back to Tyrol and now supports Lanserhof as a part-time member of the Derma team.

Give every day the chance to be the best of your life.


Maria Egger-Gensluckner



Maria is a certified beauty therapist and medical pedicurist. She has worked at some of the many top-class hotels in Austria, also in a management position, and she likes to constantly keep up to date by participating in continuous further education and training in her field of specialisation. Maria‘s extensive professional and personal experience brought her to Lanserhof, where she has been a charming addition to our team of dermatherapists since 2006.

To identify myself with what I do, to enjoy this and find fulfilment. To enjoy the sunshine in life and accept challenges.

Elena Kief



In 2005, Elena completed her training to become a state certified beautician in Heidlberg, Germany. She subsequently began to work in the field of wellness at a large family-run hotel in Tirol, Austria, a job which she carried out diligently and enjoyed immensely. Soon after, she started managing the entire wellness area of the hotel, to the utmost satisfaction of the guests and hotel owners alike.

In 2007, she began her second course of study in Germany and successfully completed her final exam to become a podologist. Periods of practical training in clinics, where she could also acquire experience in operating theatres, served to additionally complement her training in anatomy. She has worked in diverse practices in addition to working freelance in Heidlberg and has treated and counselled chronic diabetes patients. Overall, Elena has always experienced great popularity for her attention to detail.

Since 2010, she has been pursuing her true vocation at Lanserhof by contributing to the physical well-being of our guests in her role as a dermatologist and podologist.

The body is a temple.


Solvita Kopitova



Solvita completed her training as a beautician and as a wellness and fitness coach at the Wellnessakademie in St. Johann. In addition, she received further training as a pedicurist at the chamber of commerce.

Originally from Latvia, Solvita gained valuable experience as a beautician and massage therapist in various upscale hotels in Tyrol. In 2013, Solvita joined the Lanserhof as a member of the Derma team.

Peace is the first step to a clean soul.

Rebecca Payr



Following her childhood dream to become a professional beautician, Rebecca started her career as an apprentice at the renowned wellness hotel “liebes Rot-Flüh” in her hometown, the Tannheim valley.

After successfully completing her training, Rebecca worked as the head of the cosmetics department in a beauty parlor in Munich. Two years later she returned to Tyrol and joined the Lanserhof team as a dermatherapist.

You won’t find luck if you search for it, but it will come when you allow it to find you.


Barbara Pointecker



In 1995, Barbara successfully completed a three-year course in cosmetics, beauty care and medical pedicure at the chamber of commerce. She gained valuable experience - also in leading positions - in a number of renowned hotels and cosmetic schools.

Barbara joined the Lanserhof team in 2005. After the birth of her daughter and a two-year period of maternity leave we are happy to have her back as a part-time support to our Derma team.

In tranquility lies the key to strength.

Our medical consultancy system

For specialist areas not covered by our permanent medical staff, we have developed a medical consultancy system, involving around
30 medical staff from the Innsbruck medical university area.

Where possible, all of these experts provide a direct service to Lanserhof.