Vital Aging

At Lanserhof, our doctors not only determine the biological age of a person, but also the level of health and vitality of a person. They also provide our guests with realistic health perspectives for the future. Our goal is ‘Vital Aging®’, a term which was developed at Lanserhof and focuses on not denying the fact that we age, but to allow you to live to your optimum health potential at any time of life.

In order to achieve this goal, we begin with an individually designed, sensitive process of detoxification, purification and de-acidification. Consequently, this initial cleansing ritual enables the body to regenerate and newly organize its powers of self-healing. Health and beauty, vitality and mental attitude are determined by the purity of the body and mind.

Our Vital Aging® programme provides the perfect interaction to activate all your energetic and physical resources and potential. In cooperation with you, we will mutually analyse your nutrition, movement, psycho-social factors, metabolic activity, tendency for inflammation, level of intoxication and contamination with environmental substances in addition to your inherent genetic pattern. The most important task is to develop possible early Vital Aging strategies which are specific to you.

Experience the unique symbiosis of deep sleep, mental balance and physical energy. You will feel that your quality of life – also with increasing age – does not necessarily diminish, but in contrast can be greatly enhanced.