Life is movement. Anyone who is limited in their mobility automatically loses on quality of life.

Correct movement and a good awareness of the body are integral components of the LANS Med Concept. As a result of the correct movement pattern for you, this achieves better detoxification, supports breakdown of fat, improves fitness, promotes mental balance and increases oxygen supply. All of this leads to a rejuvenation of biological age and improved hormone output.

The musculature as an organ of movement forms the posture, protects the joints and stabilizes our body. We analyse posture and movement, we test the musculature, physical condition and coordination. In conjunction with you, our sports scientists will develop an individual programme of movement for you at home. This will be specifically designed for you and will be enjoyable and easy to integrate into your daily routine of life. Only in this way will you achieve enduring and long-term success. In addition, and if so desired, we will also coach you in a change of diet so that you can support and sustain your newly gained lightness, mobility, body awareness and serenity.