Mind + mental health

Holistic health begins in a happy relationship to oneself. How content are we within ourselves? What makes sense in our lives? At Lanserhof, we have often had the experience that even with successful people, slumps in performance and existential crises suddenly occur. Such crises related to blockages of energy, stress or conflicts of interest can also have a meaning of their own.   

In cooperation with our psychotherapists and coaches, we have complemented our LANS Med concept with our innovative Mind and Mental Coaching programme. Using differentiated methods from psychotherapy and coaching, we can detect emotional blockages and resolve them on a long-term basis. Together, we will develop a personal repertoire for self-management which can be integrated into your everyday life and you can therefore become your own life coach.


• Performance issues

• Existential crises

• Relationship problems

• Burn-out syndrome

In our coaching sessions, we will examine your strategies to deal with the challenges of life and mobilise your resources. Experience the activation of a ‘driving force’, which connects success, health, relationships and quality of life.