Energy Cuisine

Nutrition is more than the sum of all its parts. We provide a nutrition concept with enduring success for the modern health conscious person - a concept that gives you vitality, makes you slim, improves well-being and is nonetheless a culinary delight.

Our modern performance-orientated society demands power, vitality and fitness. Accordingly, maintaining a healthy diet is of great significance in this regard. Energy Cuisine – our nutritional concept at Lanserhof and a philosophy for optimum health, achievement potential and positive attitude - came about through many years of development work. It is an essential part of the LANS Med Concept and an integral component of the detox process. This energy-rich and easily digestible cuisine, which is prepared daily with the utmost care by the Lanserhof team of chefs, combines health and enjoyment of food.  Innovative and future-orientated, it is continuously adapted to societal and demographic changes in order to provide a maximum of vital substances and is yet light and easily prepared for the modern man or woman. Energy Cuisine takes into account the latest findings from nutritional science while at the same time places great emphasis on the use of regional, organic products and also careful preparation of food.  Energy Cuisine is evidence that health and culinary enjoyment don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Life needs energy. Nutrition provides this energy. However, only the correct nutrition will provide this, as known top-quality nutrition not only builds up our body substance, but also regenerates and reenergizes it.

The correct selection and combination of foodstuffs in addition to the careful and proper preparation of meals contribute significantly to us being able to feel the energy of life.  Equally, our eating behaviour is just as decisive in this context. For the modern person therefore, we advocate a return to rituals which provide energy, such as enjoying a meal in relaxing company. After all, nutrition is more than the sum of all its parts.

The Lanserhof Lans Energy Cuisine team

The Lanserhof Lans Energy Cuisine team


The cornerstones of Energy Cuisine are, amongst others, knowledge from biophoton research, the link to F.X. Mayr therapy, consideration of glycaemic load in relation to improved burning of fat, the acid-base balance for de-acidification, and the correct selection of organically produced ingredients.

Energy Cuisine leads, with enduring success, to replacement of body fat with muscle mass and detoxification and cleansing of the body, in addition to helping activate your powers of self-healing.  Energy Cuisine embraces your ‘inner clock’ and daily dietary rhythm in the same way as the fact that biophotons (light energy) are stored in foods and have a positive influence on cell renewal. In addition, Energy Cuisine provides natural antioxidants against free radicals. As a result of inner cleansing, improved digestion and metabolism, as well as the provision of natural foodstuffs, a new well-being, vitality and energy in addition to improved concentration and memory is achieved.