Diagnostics and therapy

Prevention and regeneration are the keys to future-orientated medicine.

Developed over decades and refined in daily practice at Lanserhof, the LANS Med Concept is based on the extensive knowledge gained by Dr. F.X. Mayr from natural healing medicine, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine and modern advanced medicine.


In the course of the last three decades, the perspective and approach of our medical staff have made Lanserhof into Europe's leading centre for regenerative and preventative medicine.

At Lanserhof we view the individual person in their entirety and provide them with the corresponding interrelated treatment. This integrative perspective does not have the aim of simply combating illness, but to promote health. This multi-perspective ‘insight’ enables diagnoses and treatment on multiple levels.

At the start of every programme of therapy, comprehensive conventional and natural medicine diagnostics are carried out. This is one of the duties fulfilled by our six permanently employed and extensively trained physicians and over thirty external consulting physicians. Lanserhof avails itself of an excellent network of leading institutes and specialists from the internationally renowned University Hospital of Innsbruck.  Accordingly, our extensive diagnostics consist of an entire range of comprehensive examinations and checks such as:

• Gastro-intestinal

• Metabolism

• Cardiovascular

• Movement and mobility

• Immune system

• Skin

• Ultrasound

• Sleep medicine and chrono-medicine

• Energy medicine

• Body and mind

As a result of exact diagnoses, our medical staff are therefor able to develop an individual programme of treatment and therapy designed specifically for you, and which is based on our holistic LANS Med concept.