Detox – cleansing, detoxification, de-acidification

The process of detoxification and cleansing has been known as more of an uncomfortable process to date, combined with feelings of listlessness and asceticism. Lanserhof, on the contrary, have taken a completely different approach for quite some time now.

The LANS Med Concept continues to be based on the convictions of modern Mayr Medicine and is the core competence and the basis for every form of regenerative and preventative medicine. At the beginning of the last century, the Austrian naturopath and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr developed a unique method of early diagnosis and therapy for so-called lifestyle illnesses.

Consequently, Dr. Mayr was able to help generations of people to heal or avoid chronic illnesses and complaints. His holistic, naturopathic diagnostics and therapy is acknowledged by conventional medicine and is known as a revolution in preventative medicine. Accordingly, possible health problems can be recognized already in the early stages.  

All of our doctors are also trained Mayr Doctors and create an individual therapy programme for our guests after a detailed naturopathic and conventional medical diagnostic procedure. They are experts in their field and understand how to activate - in cooperation with you - your powers of self-healing. The process of self-cleansing is supported by a specific personalized diet and physical therapy - part of our Detox treatments specially developed at Lanserhof.

Our cleansing, de-acidification and detoxification processes are supported by highly effective peelings, baths, body packs and massages. These Detox treatments lead to a basic healing process in the field of nutrition-related health problems. The Detox cleansing ritual enables the body to regenerate and newly organize its powers of self-healing.