Above all, the health and comfort of our guests is of the utmost importance to us. This has been our philosophy for over 30 years. It is our tradition – it sets us apart from others and has made us what Lanserhof is today: the number one location for innovative vitality medicine in Europe.

Harmony and tranquillity form the basis of what we offer at Lanserhof – enduring health is the result. Replenish your energy levels: experience pioneering treatments and therapies with our international team of doctors and therapists. In addition, exclusively selected culinary, wellness and exercise programmes will complement your stay with us.



The LANS Med Concept is not based on a short-term effect. On the contrary, the holistic and enduring health of our guests is our highest priority. Modern classical medicine and traditional naturopathy form the basis of our innovative programmes. By applying both of these approaches, we combine the best for you on an individual level – for successful prevention and regeneration.

Prevention and understanding of self-awareness are of particular significance in this regard.

They are an important component of our treatments and therapies at Lanserhof. The end of your stay with us will be the beginning of a new life – healthier and more full of vitality than ever before.

  • Award-winning - the LANS Med Concept:
  • Top rating nine times in a row in Relaxguide
  • Selected as Best Medical Spa four times in a row at the European Health and Spa Awards
  • Destination Spa of the Year for Europe at the World Spa Awards in London.




The LANS Med Concept is based on modern Mayr Medicine. At the beginning of the last century, the Austrian naturopath and researcher Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr developed a unique method of early recognition diagnostics and therapy for lifestyle illnesses.

Revolutionary and holistic

In particular, chronic illnesses and complaints can be successfully healed and prevented as a result of the diagnostics and therapy according to Dr. F.X. Mayr. Moreover, these diagnostics and therapies have been recognised by conventional medicine. Harmful developments for your health can be recognised in the early stages of development. It goes without saying then, that all of our doctors are additionally trained in Mayr Medicine.


In our research, we place particular value on the dialogue between conventional university medicine and naturopathy.

At the Institute for Regeneration Research in Lans, renowned university professors cooperate with our Lanserhof team of doctors. The ensuing discourse is focused on the varying topics related to preventative and regenerative medicine. This is the dialogue of success.

Accordingly, our research and initiatives create the standard for efficient, modern regeneration medicine. To maintain this, we also train doctors who are interested in these methods – for a network of the best and most innovative experts for your benefit.Furthermore, the international Lanser Congress is an important scientific platform. Renowned speakers and significant representatives from conventional medicine and naturopathy exchange views and ideas on the latest medical, therapeutic and naturopathic developments and methods.


Thirty years of interdisciplinary medicine at the highest level. A glance back in time: our roots lie in Tirol, Austria. Built in 1974 as a holiday hotel, Lanserhof has developed into the leading centre for health in Europe since 1984. From the very beginning, our concept has been based on the philosophy of F.X. Mayr.

Our guests in focus.

Based on this principle, the entire hotel area in Lanserhof in Lans was modernised in 1998. Renovation of the medical therapy area followed in 2005. Our first Lanserhof in Germany, LANS MEDICUM, opened for business in the centre of the city of Hamburg in 2012. This is the first ambulatory facility for the LANS Med Concept.

The ceremonial opening of Lanserhof Tegernsee – the most modern centre for health in Europe - took place on the 1st of January 2012. You can now experience our award-winning LANS Med Concept in three locations.


Regenerate with pleasure. Combine the beautiful with the meaningful. Create space for the soul. You will experience Lanserhof as a strengthening source of energy, vitality and mental fitness.

Your ‘time-out’ at Lanserhof will not only be a time of swift and efficient regeneration, but also a time of support on your journey to enduring health whilst maintaining a pleasurable lifestyle.

You will receive invaluable lifestyle advice and ideas about implementing the topics of nutrition, movement, mental relaxation, sleep and having an attractive appearance. The goal is to maximize the realisation of your achievement potential. A new balance for body and mind. Ultimately, you should be able to also enjoy your newly gained well-being in your everyday life.


Inspiration through education – All of our diagnostics and therapies are complemented and enhanced by a comprehensive programme of informative talks and workshops. Our doctors, sports scientists and experts in their relevant specialist fields at Lanserhof will provide you with information on various topics in relation to modern regenerative and preventative medicine – all based on the latest know-how and always within the context of the LANS Med Concept.

This programme also includes informative talks on modern nutritional science, Lanserhof’s own Energy Cuisine, derma therapy and aesthetics, movement, physiotherapy or psychoimmunology. We offer you workshops on yoga, Zumba or cooking, for example, and our sports scientists will keep you in shape with continuously varied sprogramme of ports, exercise and relaxation.

Together with our highly qualified therapists, you will regain your lightness in life!


Health is the most beautiful present. Products from Lanserhof are now just a few clicks away. In our new online shop you will find a lot of what the concept of Lanserhof is all about. For example, our LANS Derma product range or our Lanserhof Energy Cuisine.