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The human body is a perfect design. However, over time the musculoskeletal system changes, leading to restrictions, discomfort or even loss of functionality. Here one must engage an interdisciplinary approach of orthopedics, physiotherapy and sports science expertise, for a targeted and personalized therapy. With our experience in competitive sports we are able to offer efficient treatment and therapy, e.g. after surgery, that is time-aligned and structured according to clear concepts. This guarantees success for patient and therapist that not only benefits athletes, but also "normal" patients.

Our team of therapists consists of highly educated sports physiotherapists, physiotherapists and masseurs who are able to apply integrative body techniques to treat specifically and holistically.

Our physiotherapy includes all acute and post-operative treatment and rehabilitation measures, as well as lymphatic drainage and electrotherapy.

Our physiotherapists Birte and Marius

Our physiotherapists Birte and Marius





Sports physiotherapy


Sports physiotherapy not only includes medical training therapy, but also various physical, physiotherapeutical, manual therapeutical and medical measures to support athletes and sports teams. The aim is to preserve and enhance athletic performance, as well as the prevention and treatment of structural injury and pain or physical interference.

To achieve this we perform thorough orthopaedic, manual medical or osteopathic examinations and treatments according to individual need. Depending on indication and requirement we apply lymphatic drainage, specialised massages, mobilization of blockages, various heat treatments, electrotherapy, trigger point techniques, ice baths and/or taping.

Additionally we are able to aid your team on the field and during tournaments with initial treatment of injuries with all (sports) physiotherapeutic measures, as well as with specific programmes for warming up and cooling-down.