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Yoga & Pilates


Body, mind and soul in perfect harmony


With the combination of meditative Yoga and body toning Pilates, LANS Medicum offers a comprehensive workout for body and soul. All movements in Yoga and Pilates are supported or connected with breathing. After exhaustion comes relaxation - and with regular practice both can occur simultaneously. The training rhythm, controlled breathing and regular relaxation breaks help to revitalise, energise and establish balance.



Athletes profit from Yoga’s enormous potential to maximise both the athletic and mental condition. Until recently mainly practiced by outdoor athletes such as climbers and surfers, now some footballers have discovered its positive effects. Particularly for regeneration purposes, relaxation after exhausting sports performances, for a better sleep or the targeted stretching of highly stressed muscle groups. Keeping a position for an extended period of time relaxes deep tissue layers in the muscles while mobilising nearby joints, improving mobility and flexibility. Body awareness is improved on several levels and the restless mind finds peace.


Yoga groups (max. 6 pers.):

In group exercises we give classes in the powerful and dynamic style of Vinyasa Yoga. It is characterized by flowing movements which correspond to one’s breathing. Biomechanical principles are taken into account, improving strength, flexibility and a posture. Controlling one’s breathing both relaxes and increases concentration. Courses can be joined at any given 




Pilates is a total body work that strengthens the core, inner most layers of muscles, thus providing more stability and support. Pilates is all about alternating between strengthening and stretching. It improves posture, body awareness and evens out imbalances.

Exercising regularly shapes your body, helps you get the stress of everyday life and gives you a good feeling. Try it! An entry is possible any given time.


• Effective and targeted strengthening of the core muscles
• Toning of abdomen and waist
• Strengthening of the extremities and shoulders
• Joint & spine stabilization
• Increase of agility and flexibility
• Improving posture and body shape
• Improving coordination and balance
• Improving self-esteem and quality of life
Pilates groups: max.6 persons