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EMS Training



Effective deep muscle training

EMS stands for electric muscle stimulation. Normally the central nervous system is responsible for passing on stimuli to the muscles. With the EMS training these natural stimuli are enhanced, thus also triggering the deep muscles. In contrast to conventional exercises, which primarily activate the slow twitch muscle fibres and only after a certain amount of time and effort, the fast twitch muscle fibers, all the fibers are activated during the EMS training – resulting in a faster muscle build-up.

To optimise the effect and reach individual goals, these electrical stimuli are combined with static and dynamic exercises. Our EMS training works without cables and allows you to move freely. Another special feature is that almost all muscle groups, agonists and antagonists, can be trained at the same time. With EMS you can train more effectively in a much shorter period of time.


How does this work?

You will be wearing special, conductive sportswear, a vest and a belt. You will be connected to small electrons, through which the electric current is evenly distributed. Our trainer will then discuss your individual goals with you and train to accordingly. Duration of training: 20 minutes

Areas of use:


32-45 € per EMS training (subject to training programme)