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Athletic Training


Individual and targeted training


Athletic training represents a fundamental element in professional sports to gain maximum performance potential and thereby an important supplement to sport-specific training. Looking at the athlete in a holistic context we focus on the basic motoric skills which include strength, endurance, coordination and agility. The specific sequencing of these components is based on the requirements of the respective sport as well as on the individual needs, strengths and shortcomings of the athlete. The result is optimal performance and injury prevention, which should play a key role in any ambitious club training.

Sports medicine performance diagnostics, a close cooperation with the coach, consideration of the training phase and a detailed documentation are essential for the implementation of a successful athletic training.


Medical Training Therapy

Medical Training therapy (MTT) seeks to adjust the physical performance aimed at specific training target. Implementing a systematically structured training plan can improve performance and efficiency for recreational and professional sports. MTT is also successfully applied for recovery after an injuryand to reduce or eliminate pain symptoms.

Furthermore, the need for health training to maintain one’s fitness and well-being is becoming increasingly important in our society.

Personal targets can be achieved by implementing specific training methods and regulary monitoring performance levels.