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Altitude Training


Altitude Training on Hamburg's Peak


Athletes have been using altitude training for some time as part of their pre-season or competition preparation. But what exactly is altitude or hypoxia training? In addition to an increase in breathing as well as heart rate, the most outstanding effect that occurs during training at an elevated height is the increase of red blood cells (erythrocytes), which ensure the exchange of oxygen in the body. Staying at high altitudes or training at simulated altitudes, the oxygen uptake can thus be improved. Therefore, hypoxia training especially poses great potentials in endurance sports to mobilize power reserves and to speed up the recovery. But also in other sports, such as game and strength sports, training under oxygen deficiency has been successfully implemented to improve basic endurance. Many top athletes use altitude training for a faster recovery and maintain their physical condition after injuries of the musculoskeletal system. It has therefore become an indispensable element in the professional training methodology!
Also other target groups benefit from the numerous compensatory mechanisms that are triggered by regular passive and active use of our hypoxia-Lab. Particularly obese patients with pulmonary disease use altitude training successfully, in order not only to improve their condition and to reduce weight, but also to accelerate the regeneration ability to optimize lung function and strengthen their immune system.

With the help of an innovative climate technology, our altitude chamber creates conditions for a high-altitude training of up to 4500m in the midst of downtown Hamburg. In a special atmosphere and with an exclusive and professional interior design, we offer customized solutions, whatever your target may be!




- Professional Sports
- Amateur Sports
- Mountaineering/acclimatization
- Obesity and metabolic disorders
- Lung diseases such as bronchial asthma
- Rehabilitation after injurie sof themusculoskeletal system
- Preventive health training



- Improving of oxygen intake and transport
- Increasing capacity utilization in the blood and in the cells
- Optimising cellular metabolism: improving fat burning and improved utilization of carbohydrates
- Developing fitness for recreational and professional athletes
- Increasing physical and mental performance
- Increasing recovery time in sport
- Strengthening the immune system
- Slowing of the aging process




You have the opportunity to train regularly at the LANS Medicum under high altitude conditions. The training times:

A training unit is 60 minutes. Exercise once or twice a week - you determine the pace. It is not a fixed course. You may come when you want. Billing is easy with a 10-unit card (EUR 25,00 per 60 min.).

At the beginning of your training, you define your individual objectives with our sports scientists. In each unit you will receive instructions for the training session. A pre-registration is necessary for organisational reasons.

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