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Sport and Exercise Medicine


Receive the medical treatment of a professional athlete


A restriction in one’s mobility has a negative impact on the quality of life. Therefore, a full sports medical examination is important to diagnose the cause of the restriction and use these findings to apply a targeted therapy.
The sports medical examination at LANS Medicum Hamburg includes a medical history discussion with the physician, a physical examination and a performance analysis (cardiopulmonary exercise testing). Blood pressure, pulse, ECG, lactate and lung function are checked during a physical exercise on a treadmill or bicycle ergometer. The result is an accurate indication of your current health status which helps us advise you in your personal training.

As a sports medicine facility, we focus on the correct and appropriate movement specifically for you. Our orthopedic specialists, physiotherapists and sports scientists analyze your posture, movement, muscles and test your coordination. With your personal exercise goal in mind, we develop tailored exercises and therapies for you. The focus is on muscular balance - the connection of the locomotive system with the internal organs via the reflex zones.

After consultation with your doctor, we offer the following tests, invoices according to the fees regulations for physicians.


Professional sport at LANS Medicum

Higher, faster, stronger. The body of a professional athlete needs to perform on a peak level. At LANS Medicum we know of the importance of a tailored medical care. With our highly professional personnel and state-of-the-art equipment we are able to medically assist athletes of all performance levels. All under one roof, with short distances and direct contact with and between doctors of various disciplines, physiotherapists and sports scientists. For more stamina, more power and more mental strength.

Many athletes already make use of the manifold opportunities at LANS Medicum, among them the basketball players of Hamburg Towers, the football players of Eintracht Norderstedt and the Tour de France cycling team BORA-hansgrohe.

Furthermore, the LANS Medicum is one of the few therapy clinics certified by the Professional Golfers Association of Germany. Specially trained therapists provide optimal care of the athletes. Especially golfers who already have an artificial hip joint or overuse injuries of the knee and shoulder joint should seek advice on how to best perform their sport.

Also recreational athletes benefit from our concept. With the help of sports medicine examinations injuries and physical functional can be prevented or detected at an early stage. Together and individually we will be working on your technique, endurance and strength – bespoke to the sport you practice.