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Cardiology & Sports Cardiology





Often the heart is also described as the central organ of life. We at LANS Medicum agree and offer you the best possible individualised care in all "matters of the heart".

Are you looking for specialist care in the field of prevention? A specialist for an existing condition? Or expert advice on the right exercise training?

You are looked after by Dr. Florentine Markworth. She is a specialist in internal medicine and cardiology with ten years of experience at the University Heart Center Hamburg, comprehensive knowledge in all areas of cardiovascular medicine as well further education in the field of sports medicine. This enables her to offer her patients an optimum in examination possibilities and treatment strategies.

In addition, you benefit from an interdisciplinary exchange with our doctors of the other specialist fields as well as our sports scientists and body therapists. For a close-knit and individual care as you need it.

At the Cardiological Department at LANS Medicum we offer the following examinations:



Within the framework of sports cardiology, we at LANS Medicum work on an interdisciplinary basis within the fields of cardiology, performance diagnostics and sporting practice.

Whether you are a healthy athlete, a hypertension patient or athletic person with heart disorder - we always look after you individually, always holistically. For optimal cardiac health by means of exercise training.

Together with her team, Dr. Markworth, who has obtained the additional title of Sports Medicine, advise ambitious athletes with cardiac conditions (e.g. cardiac arrhythmias, heart muscle inflammation, pump dysfunctions) about their individually suitable training possibilities. Furthermore, we accompany our patients in preparation for competitions or before intensive physical stress such as marathon runs or high altitude trips.

A special feature at the LANS Medicum is a high-altitude chamber, in which conditions of 4,500 metres altitude can be simulated. In our Hypoxia Lab you train without a mask and in a constant 1:1 setting with our sports scientists and benefit from the numerous compensation mechanisms of your body as it adapts its lung, heart, blood and cell functions to the oxygen deficiency you find in high altitudes.