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OutpatientĀ Cardiac Rehabilitation


Effective prevention and rehabilitation


At LANS Medicum, we offer you the best possible bespoke care in all "matters of the heart".

Our special focus is on ambulatory, cardiac rehabilitation - a long-term and comprehensive care for heart patients.

The main goal is the restoration of the cardiac and general performance as well as the guidance to a healthier lifestyle. Always in close consultation with your treating cardiologist, always in 1:1 care, always integrated into your everyday life. For the best possible physical as well as mental health and a fast return to your everyday life - both private and professional.



Being in your usual environment, having all the benefits of an inpatient rehabilitation stay, sleeping at home, being looked after in individual therapy sessions - there are many reasons for outpatient cardiological rehabilitation at LANS Medicum. Whether after a heart attack, following an inpatient stay after a heart surgery or a rehabilitation stay, we plan your rehab goals as well as your further treatment in close cooperation with your established cardiologist, internist and/or general practitioner. We offer individual therapy sessions and allow you to plan them according to your personal time schedule. The rehabilitation is integrated into your everyday life, so you will eventually find it easier to integrate preventive measures, as well as, if necessary, additional care into your daily life.

In targeted 1:1 care under medical supervision we offer:

Usually outpatient rehabilitation extends over a period of three weeks. The training and the treatment take place daily to several times weekly (in each case several hours). We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements with you. Afterwards, if applicable, we also offer special cardio exercise sessions in a 1:1 setting.



Extensive studies show that exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In the context of cardiological prevention, we therefore offer patients with risk factors (hypertension, diabetes, obesity) an individualised training program to reduce their risk profile.