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The LANS Med Check-ups



As individual as yourself


In today's society and particularly for persons in leading positions, the pressure to perform and succeed is increasing. For many, short and long-term stress is part of everyday life, making them susceptible for diseases, especially of the cardiovascular system. An extensive whole-body precautionary examination is very time-consuming. That is why we offer a comprehensive examination under one roof, saving you the time-consuming search for specialists and giving you more time for the essentials.

The LANS Med Check-ups are the all-round preventive programme for your health. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors and therapists provides you with individual examination programmes tailored to your needs in order to recognise possible illnesses at an early stage and to keep you healthy.

After a detailed final consultancy, we will gladly forward the recommendations to your GP and initiate further therapies if necessary.



Total duration: approx. 5 hours



total duration: approx. 7 hours



Total duration: approx. 2 days for 5 hours (excluding further check-up services)


Health is an individual issue. For this reason, our LANS Med Concept is made to fit to your requirements. On the basis of our LANS Med Basic or Athletic Check-up, we offer you additional modules for specific areas:


Sport medical check-up (approx. 320 min.)

Psychological stress check-up (about 90 minutes)

Further check-ups: Ophthalmological Examination, Skin Cancer Examination, Neurological Examination, Cranial MRI, Ear, Nose, Throat Examination, Urological Examination, Mammography, Coloscopy, Gastroscopy, Whole Body MRI (approx. 30 - 180 min.)


Our prices are based on the statutory provisions of the German Fees Regulations for Doctors (GOÄ). The reimbursement by private health insurances depends on the terms of your insurance policy and your chosen tariff. Persons with statutory health insurances are welcome at the LANS Medicum. However, please note that treatment costs are not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance companies, but costs can be reduced by cooperation with established contract doctors (for example, for radiological diagnostics).


Further detailed information, please contact our help desk.