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LANS Med Check Up


Especially people in senior managing positions are under constant pressure. This constant stress can lead to various illnesses especially in the cardiovascular system. Only a few people manage to make time for several medical examinations to get an overview of their overall health. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a combination of all the essential examinations and find them under one roof?

The LANS Med check-up at LANS Medicum in Hamburg is an all-round screening program for your health. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors and therapists will provide you with an individually tailored testing program to detect potential illnesses or conditions before they becomes a problem.

If necessary, further examinations can be added thanks to our extensive medical network.

The LANS Med Check Up takes about 5 hours. After the final consultation we will gladly forward the results and recommendations to your GP or conduct further detailed examinations and/or therapies if necessary.

Physical examination

• Internal medicine-cardiac examination

• medical history

• early detection, incl. Derma-Check



• neck and Vessels

• thyroid

• Heart

• abdominal organs (for example, liver, gall bladder, kidney, pancreas, bladder, prostate / uterus, lymph nodes)


Laboratory Tests (routine and special examinations)

• blood test

- Blood Count

- Liver, gall bladder and kidney function

- Blood fats

- Electrolyte

- Blood Sugar

- blood clotting

• Urine strips examination


If necessary: special tests (tumor diagnosis, risk assessment, rheumatologic diagnosis, chronic fatigue diagnosis, mitochondrial diagnosis)


Musculoskeletal System Check

• sports medicine orthopedic physical examination

• Ultrasound joints (shoulder, hip, knee, Achilles tendon)

• Posture Analysis (spine, pelvis, leg axes pedography)

• muscle strength and muscle function measurement

• Bone and Osteoporosis Check


Physical Performance Diagnostics

• Exercise ECG, lung function test (spirometry) and lactate measurement

• Body composition analysis (BIA)

• BMR measurement

• 24 hour HRV

• 4 weeks training plan incl. Explanation / Training


Personal Training

• 1 x 60 'Personal Training


Concluding Consultation

• Extensive consultation to examination findings

• Recommended treatment and therapy planning

• detailed medical report