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LANS Medicum half-year packages altitude training


These packages include participation at the LANS Medicum altitude training and can be designed according to your needs. You have a choice between one and two sessions per week and a training period of 60 or 90 minutes.

Half-year package Altitude training I
6 months, with 2 units of 90 minutes per week = 48 units
Total price 2190 EUR once off  (instead of 2544 EUR) or 365 EUR per month

Half-year package Altitude training II
6 months, with 1 unit of 90 minutes per week = 24 units
Total price 1092 EUR once off (instead of 1272 EUR) or 182 EUR per month

Half-year package Altitude training III
6 months, with 2 units of 60 minutes per week = 48 units
Total price 1440 EUR once off (instead of 1680 EUR) or 240 EUR per month