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LANS Medicum back & spine special


Illnesses of the back and spine are the most common cause of chronic pain. The reasons for this are numerous. Scientific studies have shown that next to a slipped discs and problems associated with wear and tear, psychosocial factors such as common everyday stresses, difficult family situations or job-related conflicts as well as bad posture and lack of exercise play an important role in the occurrence of chronic pain. Moreover, dietary factors also play an important role here, as anatomical anomalies such as the proximity of the digestive tract to the muscles of the back have a mutual influence on each other.

With the LANS Medicum back & spine special, we will analyze the nature of your problems and provide you with a suitable solution. This package also includes two units of therapy for short-term relief and relaxation.

- Specialist consultation/medical history
- Physical examination
- Orthopaedic evaluation
- Sports science movement check
- Shiatsu
- Integrative physical therapy

Total price from EUR 495.-