Your individual health status

Obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have become the most common diseases of our modern society.

Metabolic syndrome, a fatal combination of obesity, elevated levels of blood sugar and blood fat in addition to high blood pressure is on the increase and is a decisive risk factor for coronary heart disease. In this context, one thing above all will make you ill, a fat belly. It is not the excess weight itself, but rather the distribution of fat which has a great bearing on the development of cardiovascular disease.   

Unfortunately, not only what you eat has an influence on abdominal fat, but also the functional capability of the pancreas, the intestinal flora, hormone levels, stress and food intolerances influence body weight in a decisive way.

The new metabolic screening programme at Lanserhof accordingly concerns itself with these parameters.  As a result of comprehensive tests, your individual health status is determined in order to identify strengths and weaknesses in your metabolism at an early stage.

In addition, an individually designed concept of therapy will help to specifically prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In accordance with the principles of Lanserhof, you will learn to evaluate your potential for health in a new way and also to develop your personal strategies for life and health.