Vitality medicine for men

The economic crisis, losses on the stock market and bad balance sheets prompt many men to change their perspective and restructure their values.
In many cases, men once again concentrate on the important things in life - one of which is a top-quality comprehensive health check.
Accordingly, Lanserhof are devoted to the subject of 'male medicine of the future' and, among other things, we have focused our concept on innovative vitality medicine aimed specifically at the modern man.
Whilst medical care for men to date has been aimed at simply repairing any damage to one's health and many male-related illnesses have been treated in isolation, our team at Lanserhof have been pursuing a holistic approach to this subject for many years.

This model of vitality medicine for men provides an analysis of physical factors in almost the same manner as a detailed examination of mental and emotional pressure and stress factors.

The starting point for this all-encompassing Body-Mind Method is a blood analysis, from which the parameters for the metabolism and inflammation, tumour markers and hormonal status can be ascertained as well as determining the biological age of the guest. The next step is a 24-hour heart rate variability measurement, the result of which is indicative of the regulation and balance values, the individual energy and stress levels as well as sleep quality and possible cardiac arrhythmias.

Of course, there is also an obligatory prostate check-up by means of an ultrasound exam, carried out by internationally renowned top radiologists from the Clinic for Urology at Innsbruck University Hospital.

Furthermore, Lanserhof have expanded into a new and specialized scientific area of significance for men – psychoneuroimmunology.

Today, it can be proven that acute and psychological stress affects the function of the immune system and can lead to manifest illnesses.  Stress means inflammation and consequently also increased ageing, as well-being can be equated with a reduction in inflammation and healthy, vigorous ageing.  The focused and most current knowledge from psychoimmunological research is integrated into our diagnostics and therapies at Lanserhof.

Firstly, our trademark Well-Being Check is carried out with our guests, the aim of which is long-term increase and stabilization of one’s psychological health.

A further significant component of male medicine is movement training in addition to mentoring from a personal trainer. As always, nutritional advice is an integral service at Lanserhof. With our ‘foodscan’, our experts identify any food intolerances which are rarely discovered with standard allergy tests.

Consequently, our guests experience a comprehensive and individual programme of nutritional coaching. The basis for this cleverly devised male medicine programme is the extremely successful Lans Med Concept.  In contrast to standard medicine, the focus of the medicinal and therapeutic endeavours of this concept is on the achievable degree of health and vitality, and not simply on the illness.

The goal here is ultimately a modification of lifestyle, which will enable men to enjoy a fulfilling and healthy life.

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