Healthy Cuisine: Based on the Latest Research

Our new nutrition book is here! State-of-the art in terms of nutritional expertise: Developed by a team of 70 doctors, chefs and scientists!

Following the success of our last book "Energy Cuisine”, we have the pleasure to announce our new book: “Healthy Cuisine: Based on the Latest Reseach”. Dr. Anne Fleck from the LANS Medicum in Hamburg presents the renowned LANS Med Nutrition Concept. She puts her focus on real healthy cuisine that reflects the current state of nutritional research, as opposed to confusing on temporary eating trends. With many original recipes by the Lanserhof chefs Claus Jenewein and Karsten Wolf, we are making the concept available to your home.


An international team of doctors, nutritionists and chefs continuously incorporates the latest findings about holistic, healthy, all-round nutrition into the development of the Energy-Cuisine concept. It is characterized by a lot of variety, simple preparation and above all by fresh, local ingredients. Used as a reference for a 30-day cure, it’s the perfect companion to compensate nutritional deficits. As positive side-effect, it can help with weight loss without the usual undersupply of nutrients.


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