Energy Cuisine – The Lanserhof book on nutrition

Our nutrition as the main provider of energy for physical and mental performance exerts a strong influence on our health and well-being. In order to stay enduringly energetic, healthy and happy, wise selection and correct preparation of foodstuffs are decisive in this regard.

Accordingly, the most important principle thereby is to combine culinary enjoyment with health. This book will guide you with Energy Cuisine through the day, from breakfast to dinner. As both a cook book and nutrition guide in one, it will provide you with valuable information and tips on healthy eating in addition to delicious recipes which can be easily recreated at home. Enhanced by wonderful images, the 77 recipes contained in this book impress with their variety and creativity. Obtain energy and well-being in addition to experiencing how Energy Cuisine will revitalize you and make your life easier, in the truest sense of the word. This book contains a modern nutrition concept created by experts at Lanserhof, delicious and creative recipes that can be easily made at home, an ideal combination of health and culinary enjoyment, invaluable information on products, ingredients and cooking techniques as well as outstanding images.


Andreas Wieser, founder and former managing director of Lanserhof Centre for Health

Dr. Darius Chovghi, doctor for general medicine and nutrition, diagnostics and therapy according to F.X. Mayr

Manfred Hormann, head chef at Lanserhof Centre for Health

Claus Jenewein, Sous chef at Lanserhof Centre for Health